22 Examples of Security Guard Resume Objectives you can apply Right Now

By | July 9, 2023
Security Guard Resume Objectives
Your objective statement can improve your resume to getting you the security guard job that you desire.

This post provides great examples of security guard resume objectives that you learn from in making one for your resume or CV.

If you are seeking a security guard job and writing a resume for it, you may want to give attention to the objective statement you make.

The objective statement, being the first thing the employer reads when they pick up your resume, can very much determine if your resume succeeds in getting the hirer to grant you an interview.

To write a winning objective for your security guard resume that increases your chances of being selected for the position is not a difficult thing to do.

What you need to do is to look at the security guard job description published by the recruiter for the position.

You will be able to spot the vital needs of the employer for the role, and then highlight the relevant security guard skills, experience, or/and knowledge that you have to be able to meet the needs.

This post helps you to learn how to create effective objectives and make your security guard resume stronger.

Here are 22 examples you can work with:

22 Examples of Security Guard Resume Objectives you can apply Right Now

1. Seeking a security guard position with Ben Parker; a global security outfit where my patrol skills and knowledge of public safety will be utilized.

2. Looking to work in a security guard capacity at Safenet Agency to provide private security services to clients drawing from 7 years of experience in a law enforcement field.

3. To obtain a professional security guard position in a firm that provides a platform to utilize my strong physical strength and knowledge of advanced security protocol.

4. Desire to work as a junior security guard at Locke Security agency. Comes with the ability to handle critical situations and cohesive team work skills.

5. A highly motivated individual with zero tolerance for crime. Currently looking to work in an organization where a year experience as a security guard will be beneficial in minimizing risk of crime.

6. Seeking the position of security guard at Felters Co. Bringing sound decision making skills and good knowledge of state/local regulations on public safety.

7. An enthusiastic and fit security guard with track record of good conduct and dedication. Currently looking to secure a security guard position at Aegis.

8. A law enforcement officer with 5 years of experience in public law enforcement. Currently looking to work as a security specialist for a progressive company like the Guardian.

9. To bring to retail security 3 years of strong work ethic and integrity as a police officer now looking to function as a private security guard for Oakland Inc.

More Examples of Security Guard Resume Objectives [10-16]

10. A highly trained ex-military officer looking to obtain a security guard position at Shield. Offering 6 years of experience in the marine and sound knowledge of security strategies.

11. To secure a security guard position with an organization, bringing strong skills in theft prevention, effective patrol and management of alarm systems.

12. Pursuing a career as a security specialist with Labrador security; a progressive organization where my exceptional investigative and problem-solving skills will be maximized.

13. Looking to work as a security officer in a fast paced environment where my critical thinking and surveillance skills will be fully harnessed.

14. Desire a security agent job at Sheridan Co. Bringing a passion for safety as well as 5 years of experience at Mountain Security.

15. Strong, tall, and athletic individual with interest in a security position at Hopkins Inc. Possess a great sense of responsibility in ensuring a safe environment for the general public.

16. Energetic and purpose-driven individual looking to work as a security guard at Gold Standard. Offering exceptional ability to prevent illegal and unsafe activities by law breakers.

Additional Examples [17-22]

17. Hopeful for a professional security guard job at a security bureau where 7 years of offering protective services will be beneficial in the management and administrative processes of the institution.

18. To acquire a permanent security guard position with an organization that provides opportunity to utilize knowledge of relevant security policies and protocols in maintaining a peaceful environment.

19. A focused and keen individual with great analytical, observational, and problem-solving skill. Looking to gain employment with Titanium as a security guard.

20. Seeking a senior level security guard position with iWatch Security. Bringing exceptional management skill and knowledge of security and safety protocols.

21. A certified security guard with excellent judgment and observational skills. Looking to obtain a security guard position at Towers Mall.

22. Retired police officer looking to explore new opportunities as a security specialist to apply exceptional investigative and problem solving skills gained from 8 years of experience in law enforcement.


You will have a better chance of nailing the security guard job that you desire if you have a resume with a strong objective statement.

And the good thing is that you can create such objectives by using the tips and examples in this post.

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