20 Best Model Resume Objective Examples you can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Model Resume Objective
You can make your model resume more effective with a compelling objective statement.

Writing a great model resume objective statement is important to getting the recruiter/employer read your resume to learn what you are offering for the model job that you are seeking.

This post helps you to learn how to write a resume objective statement for a modeling position that makes it irresistible for employers/recruiters to read all parts of your resume and call you up for an interview.

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How to Make a Great Model Resume Objective Statement

To make a great objective statement for a model resume/CV, you need to know what exactly the employer wants.

When you are able to show in your resume objective that you have what the employer wants for the model job, then you will be able to get their attention in reading your resume/CV.

This will certainly improve your chances of being hired as a model with the company.

To learn how to make an effective model resume objective, you should know that employers usually have a set of specific requirements that applicants should meet before they are considered for the model position.

These requirements are skills, knowledge, experience, etc. that can be found in the model job requirements that are published by the recruiter/employer.

By knowing these requirements and the job description, you will be able to write a great objective statement for your model resume.

Your model resume objective will show that you have the skills, experience, knowledge, etc. required to succeed as a model with the organization.

It will also tell the recruiter/employer that you have the understanding of what the model role entails and are capable of effectively performing in that position.

Now, let’s see some good examples of model resume objective to enhance your ability to make one for your resume/CV

20 Best Model Resume Objective Examples you can Use

  1. Seeking a model position with Quad where previous modeling experience will be utilized. Also coming with the ability to imitate an existing pose, as well as the ability to take creative direction for positioning and get comfortable in all types of clothing, including sweatshirts, swimsuits, and intimate apparel.
  2. Extremely organized individual interested in securing a modeling position with Willamette University; to provide a full range of traditional life drawing poses, and also pose in person or remotely through Zoom. Also bringing prior modeling experience, and the ability to work flexible schedules and interact with instructors and students.
  3. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute experience with EMS Scheduling Systems and 3 years of office experience in the model job at Ringing College of Art Design. Coming with a Bachelor’s degree, with experience in employment recruiting activities as well as knowledge of modern office practices, policies, and procedures.
  4. Searching for the job of a Model at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where previous modeling experience will be utilized. Also comes with the ability to model nude, hold poses for 30 minutes at a time, and get punctual.
  5. Experienced individual seeking a model position with Glitzy Girlz Boutique to pose for photo shoots. Coming with the competence to carefully listen to directions and work well with others, as well as style for gigs and the ability to select makeup that highlights the items being modeled for.

Model Resume Objective Examples [6-10]

6. Specialized individual with previous modeling experience looks for a modeling position with Drexel University to pose and model. Also coming with the comfort to maintain clothed or nude poses for extended periods of time, and remain reliable, punctual, and professional.

7. Passionate individual hopeful for a modeling position with URBN Outfitters, Inc. to stand for extended periods of time in fitting and provide useful and concise feedback on garment fit, feel, and construction to technical designs. Also comes with good interpersonal skills, and the ability to work under pressure and for long hours.

8. Talented individual seeking to work with Collective Press as a Model to assist with production of hair styling videos and generate content ideas for hair videos. Also bringing strong technical experience with hair styling, as well as solid knowledge of old and new hair styling trends.

9. Hopeful to gain employment with New Mexico Highlands University as a Model to work in a nude or semi-nude attire and stay in one position for up to 45 minutes with little or no movement. Also bringing knowledge and experience of modeling, and a type of body suitable for a model.

10. To obtain a position with Hakkasan Group as a model to organize and prioritize service per appropriate service sequence and check all orders prior to serving. Also bringing the ability to maintain accuracy, proper presentation, and pose for pictures as requested by the management.

Model Resume Objective Examples [11-15]

11. Highly skilled individual with knowledge of beverages on menu and knowledge of computers and Point of Sale (POS) seeks a model position with MGM Resorts International. Coming with a high school diploma, 2 years of experience as a model, as well as excellent customer service skills and interpersonal skills.

12. Hopeful to gain employment with Lilly Pulitzer for the position of a Fit Model to collaborate effectively and professionally with colleagues and perform as an administrative support function during period not fitting. Also coming with fit modeling experience and the ability to feel comfortable modeling in front of large groups.

13. Well-organized individual with knowledge of art and experience working as a model in a classroom setting. Also coming with the ability to hold a sustained pose as requested and work with instructors to execute poses relating to the subject matter.

14. Team-oriented individual willing to work at Mohawk Valley Community College in a model position with nude figure drawing model experience. Also coming with the ability to hold a pose for more than 20 minutes at a time, and take direction to achieve a variety of different poses as the instructor chooses.

15. Energetic individual with previous experience working as an artist’s model in a classroom environment seeks an art model position with Mendocino College to support diverse student population and faculty within the District Mission. Also coming with knowledge of how to demonstrate anatomy, gesture, and content in a visual composition as a model.

Model Resume Objective Examples [16-20]

16. To obtain a position with Mississippi University for Women as a Figure Drawing Model to work for an entire class session. Also bringing the ability to hold poses requested by the art instructor over specified periods of time, as well as the competence to stay physically fit and agile.

17. Passionate individual seeking an Artist’s Model job at SUNY Buffalo State to pose dressed and undressed as a subject for sculpture, paintings, and other kinds of art for students in art studio classes. Also bringing 3 years of artist’s modeling experience, and the ability to meet the needs of the students and instructors and hold a pose for long periods of time.

18. Safety conscious individual with 5 years of experience posing for drawing, painting, and sculpture desires an art model position with Yavapai College to pose in a variety of positions as directed by an instructor and maintain poses for a fixed period of time. Also coming with work experience in a community college, and the ability to pose nude in various positions as directed by a mentor.

19. Individual with previous experience as an artist’s figure model interested in a position with California State University Stanislaus looks to utilize demonstrated experience in group and classroom activities. Also coming with a high school diploma and demonstrated professional work ethic.

20. Team-oriented individual eager to work at Oakland Community College as an Art Model, offers to utilize the ability to provide a variety of poses and be comfortable posing in different stages of dress. Also coming with a high school diploma, 3 years of classroom modeling experience, and the competence to pose for Art Figure Drawing classes.


This post has provided valuable ideas and examples you can apply in making a great objective statement for your model resume.

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