Top 22 Office Manager Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Office Manager Resume Objective
Your office manager resume will stand a better chance of being read if it has a compelling objective statement.

Your office manager resume objective statement isn’t just another sentence needed to open a resume; in fact, it serves the deeper purpose of attracting employers to read the rest of your resume.

Making an objective statement that is concise and clear on your reason for writing, and the goals you aim to bring to the table as an office manager, will go in your favor.

Ensure that the objective is relevant to the job description which you must have carefully studied.

You need to choose your words rightly and mention your talents and skills so that the employer is attracted towards your resume.

Added to that should be your qualification and relevant experience, like the leadership qualities you will bring to the company lucky enough to have you as an employee.

It would help your resume to research and add details about the position and company to really impress the hiring manager.

The list of office manager resume objective examples below should clear your mind on what to include in your objective statement to make it really effective:

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Top 22 Office Manager Resume Objective Examples

1. Professional desirous of the position of Office Manager at Abe’s Firm, with over 10 years of experience, punctuality and accuracy as key abilities; and also possess skills like communication, decision making, multitasking, organization and leadership.

2. Looking for an Office Manager position with ABC Company offering an opportunity for professional development in management; and to enhance skills in a dynamic, yet stable environment.

3. To obtain an Office Manager post with Hurst Law Firm; adequately prepared to contribute to the development of the organization with extensive office management experience; and to build a long-term career with opportunity for professional growth.

4. Dedicated individual seeking the position of Office Manager at John Holt. Bringing experience assigning and regulating clerical/secretarial functions, and delegating work responsibility among office personnel.

5. Seeking position as Office Manager with Realtors and Fields; coming with experience designing filing systems and arranging the procedure for maintaining records, securing personal files, and maintaining office budget.

6. Highly motivated individual with expertise in procuring office equipment, knowledge of health and safety policies, and presenting financial status to the senior management; in addition to possessing excellent customer service skills seeking work at Kenny Hammond.

7. Highly gifted individual with strong experience taking key role in organizations’ policies and decisions, managing strategies for employees’ professional development, and ensuring smooth flow of office work looking for a position with XYZ Company.

8. To work at Shelly Dean Company as Office Manager. Bringing 8 years of experience evaluating employer appraisals and annual performance review, and playing crucial role in promotions seeking an opportunity for advancement career wise.

More Office Manager Resume Objective Examples [9-16]

9. Office Manager with BA in Business Administration, highly experienced training newcomers regarding office procedures while managing/conducting professional training programs for employees looking to work with MacLean’s Consult as Office Manager.

10. Energetic and dependable professional seeking a position as Office Manager at Nymph Systems; utilizing abilities to manage supplies, supervise personnel, keep records, and perform clerical work to ensure smooth work environment.

11. To work as Office Manager with Manny Pane Co.; with expertise in staff hiring and training, personnel management, setting goals, handling records, and purchasing office supplies.

12. Result-driven individual eager to obtain an Office Manager position with Highway Global. Offering 10 years track record of planning, budgeting, and control to ensure smooth office functions.

13. Looking for Office Manager position at Red Eye Systems Management; using 3 years of experience in handling general office management tasks, scheduling projects, performing marketing activities to ensure functionality of the office.

14. Applying for the position of Office Manager with Tetra Park Co.; utilizing management supervision and administrative skills for mutual growth and success of company and staff.

15. Desirous of challenging leadership position as Office Manager to apply creative problem solving and time management skills, and play indirect role in the unlimited growth and success of the organization.

16. Team-player looking for a growing company to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and maximize profit while making a significant contribution to the success of Chip N Dale Toys as Office Manager.

Additional Office Manager Resume Objective Examples [17-22]

17. To secure a responsible position of Office Manager at ABC Company where there’s an opportunity to fully utilize training, human resource, and management skills in accordance with organizational objectives for professional career growth.

18. To offer skills to Amherst Levers as Office Manager. Bringing experience in field of sales, advertising, and administration, to be profitably utilized to achieve corporate objectives and career goals.

19. To explore career opportunity in the field of sales, account management with public interfacing abilities, communication, and customer service skills as an Office Manager with Rear Guard Mall.

20. Experienced individual looking for challenging opportunity to learn and use strong organization skills, educational background, and flair for meeting people at Memoirs Company as Office Manager.

21. Applying for post of Office Manager with Reinsure Company; with expertise leading teams for 5 years; bringing bachelor’s degree in finance, dedication to work, and goal-oriented thinking to achieve cost effective office operation for the company.

22. To apply expertise with Richard Barns PR Firm; utilizing 10 years of experience in management, with appreciation for dedication, excellent client relation, and strong leadership skills in the post of Office Manager.


To stand a better chance of getting your resume for the job of office manager read, you need to aim for a strong objective statement that hits the mark quickly.

An objective that delivers is one that contains qualities that are valuable to the employer presented in one or two sentences.

We have provided twenty-two samples of great objective statements that you can study and adopt in crafting effective objective for your office manager resume.

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