Top 22 Paralegal Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Paralegal Resume Objective
You can improve the quality of your paralegal resume with a great objective statement.

To be effective, your paralegal resume objective should contain a short detail of your major attributes and abilities that will help you to be effective on the job to attract employers’ attention to your resume and to possibly read it to the end.

Are you making a resume for the position of paralegal? If so, you should consider having a section for objective statement.

A compelling objective statement grabs the attention of the reader right from the beginning of the resume.

Your objective needs to be extremely engaging and catchy with the sole aim of grabbing the employer’s interest immediately.

The statement should be employer focused and not self-centered, delivering all that is required for the job.

If you need help in writing a powerful objective for your paralegal resume, here are twenty-two examples you can use:

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Top 22 Paralegal Resume Objective Examples

1. Experienced individual with knowledge of drafting court case related documents and correspondence, preparing legal documents such as agreements, wills, and statements of real estate; seeking job as Paralegal with Sherwood county courthouse.

2. Looking for a position as Paralegal with Sundance Law Firm. Bringing experience performing research on legal issues, checking legal documents and forms to ensure correctness, collecting, arranging, and analyzing legal documents.

3. Dedicated individual with expertise maintaining reference files, finding and communicating with witnesses, evaluating and checking new regulations with accuracy; looking to work with ABC Company as Paralegal.

4. Applying for work of Paralegal at Bernard & Co.; possess expertise cross checking facts and their legality, providing administrative support to lawyers, and working as liaison between attorneys, clients, and witnesses.

5. Entry-level paralegal seeking a position with Applebee & Co.; possess strong ability to perform legal research, excellent analytical and thinking ability, and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

6. Result-driven individual with great decision making ability, attention to detail, ability to work under stressful environment, and basic computer knowledge; looking to work as Paralegal at LA district court house.

7. Seeking position as a Paralegal at William Young; applying exceptional skills in presenting statement of facts, preparing and reviewing legal documents, and ability to assist attorneys with substantive and procedural legal work.

8. To work as Paralegal with Gamble and Gamble; employing ability to present law and basic legal strategy in a logical manner; and to conduct accurate legal research to assist with cases while interacting with counsels on legal matters.

9. Looking for a Paralegal position at Richmond Company. Bringing proficiency in gathering information regarding laws, ordinances, and court decisions, and exceptional ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

More Paralegal Resume Objective Examples [10-17]

10. Highly motivated and resourceful individual with 5 years of experience interviewing clients to determine nature of cases, as well as proven track record of legal case study reporting and filing.

11. Meticulous Paralegal seeking a position with XYZ Law Firm; utilizing hands-on experience in case filing, reviewing information on filing legal action, legal research, and case processing.

12. To contribute to the legal team of City Firm as Paralegal. Offering exceptional skills in conducting legal research; expertise in case handling, analyzing issues, and preparing drafts of legal documents for the success of the firm.

13. To secure a Paralegal position with Dale & Associates where expertise in case documentation, processing and pursuit will be utilized to instill executive legal practices into the company work processes.

14. Seeking entry-level position as a Paralegal in a real estate law firm that requires the services of a legal professional with skills in areas of legal research and writing, litigation, and handling class action law suits.

15. Detail-oriented Paralegal seeking employment with ABC Company; coming with extensive experience as a litigation paralegal with responsibility supervising and training secretarial staff and student interns, thereby developing mentoring and supervisory skills.

16. Individual with proficiency in online resources seeks the position of Paralegal at Bernard Shaw Law Office; offering expertise in legal administrative support to civil litigation, implementing an online billing system, and drafting legal memoranda and client correspondence.

17. Looking for entry-level Paralegal position; coming with 2 years of experience interning at a mid-level law firm, with ability to research and produce legal documents in time and assisting senior paralegals in preparing for trials.

Additional Examples [18-22]

18. Seeking to bring work experience conducting interviews and legal research, organizational skills and dedication to work, as well as relevant academic training, to work closely with attorneys in entry-level Paralegal position at Schultz and Partners.

19. Desirous of the post of Paralegal with Daemon Spencer Law Firm. Bringing experience supporting lawyers by preparing documents for criminal and civil trials; scheduling and conducting interviews with clients and witnesses, and maintaining electronic litigation database.

20. An organized, dedicated individual looking to work as Paralegal in XYZ Company with opportunity for independence and creativity; bringing exceptional analytical and directorial skills, and a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies.

21. Searching for the position of Paralegal in a fast paced work environment where there is an opportunity to utilize skills and knowledge of civil court case procedures.

22. To acquire entry-level position of Paralegal with Ernest and Young; seeking personal development, progression, and decision making opportunities; coming with excellent proofreading and analytical skills.


Having a great objective in your paralegal resume is important, it may indeed be the deciding factor of whether your resume gets a consideration or not; therefore, it would be wise to take some time to ensure a compelling statement is created.

Please note that to be effective, the objective statement should capture any of your skills, qualifications, and experience as a paralegal, looking to fit into the goals of the organization.

By using the above sample paralegal resume objective statements, you should be able to make one for your resume and stand a stronger chance of nailing the job.

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