Top 22 Certified Nurse Assistant Resume Objective Examples You Can Apply Right Away

By | May 20, 2024
Certified Nurse Assistant Resume Objective
Are you making a resume for a certified nurse assistant job? If you are, then make sure to have a great objective to get the employer’s attention quickly.

When you are writing a resume or cv for the job of a certified nurse assistant (CNA), the objective statement should be carefully crafted to capture the reader’s attention, make a favorable impression, and get them to read the rest of the resume.

If your objective is able to do this, then the resume would stand a better chance of winning an interview appointment with the employer, which is what you want to achieve.

If you are looking for how you can write an effective career objective for a CNA resume or cv you are on the right page as we provide the best examples of certified nurse assistant resume objectives and tips on how to create them in this post.

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How to Create Winning Certified Nurse Assistant Objective for Your Resume

It is quite easy to make an irresistible objective statement for your resume by simply researching the job offer to finding out the employer’s requirements for the role.

When you know the qualities the employer actually requires that successful candidates should have, or their goals for the position, you will be able to craft a powerful objective statement that presents value to the employer.

To aid your ability to quickly learn how to produce a great CNA resume objective, here are 22 samples:

1. Desire to obtain a CNA job position at Goodview Hospital. Comes with ability to keep patients comfortable and relaxed as they progress with recovery.

2. To secure a CNA position at Greenfield medical facility. Coming with exceptional eagerness and compassion to help patients as they regain their health.

3. Seeking a CNA position at Leeds Hospital to provide a hand in the use of medical technologies like health information software and medical record charting software to ease the work-load of the department.

4. Patient and focused nurse with 5 years of experience as a patient caretaker. Looking to obtain a CNA position at Western Healthcare.

5. Looking to work as a CNA at Ballie Hospital. Offering in-depth experience and passion for assisting doctors and nurses in a health facility efficiently perform their duties.

6. Performance-oriented individual with a passion for taking care of patients with different health problems. Looking to apply 3 years of nursing experience to help with quick recovery and revitalization of patients.

7. Looking for a CNA position at Princeton Hospital to help patients increase their speed of recovery by taking good care of them.

8. Energetic individual with strong knowledge of administering medication to patients. Looking to employ my knowledge in helping patients restore their health to normal.

9. To obtain a CNA position at Rock Health Foundation applying 8 years of experience in monitoring patient’s health status and checking vital signs.

10. Dedicated individual with ability to provide for activities for daily living of a patient. Interested in a CNA position to foster the recovery of patients.

11. Committed nurse looking to obtain a CNA position at Bradford Hospital to foster patient’s recovery by ensuring a safe environment for the patient.

12. Pursuing a career as a CNA with Nottingham Healthcare to deliver captivating and unique nursing practices using excellent patient care.

13. To work at St. Joseph Hospital as a CNA. Bringing eagerness to serve as a mediator between the patient and nurses.

14. Seeking a CNA position in a healthcare environment where in depth knowledge of pain management will be fully utilized for the sake of the patients.

15. Result-oriented individual looking for a CNA position with Emilia Hospital to employ 8 years of active nursing experience to deliver a good patient care.

16. Certified nurse assistant looking to ply my trade with New Life Healthcare, coming with vast experience from different medical facilities in handling issues concerning patients’ daily living and provision.

17. Looking for an entry-level CNA position at Rock Foundation Hospital to utilize my ability in setting up equipment used in the treatment of patients to ease the work of the doctors and nurses.

18. Interested in working as a CNA in a promising health facility to help stay close to patients and know their concerns and issues which will be communicated to their supervisors.

19. Detail-oriented nurse with strong experience as a nurse in a health facility. Looking to apply my extensive nursing experience at Divine Hospital as a CNA.

20. Seeking a CNA position at Birmingham health facility, bringing exceptional ability to help doctors make a record on the health condition of patients.

21. Looking to work as a CNA in a good hospital to help provide good personal hygiene for patients, like brushing of teeth and shaving of hair.

22. Committed individual with good listening skill to answer patients’ light calls and provide the things they need promptly. Looking to work in a certified nurse assistant capacity to support patient’s recovery.


Your resume’s objective statement can significantly increase its quality if well written. And there is no better way to writing a great objective than by ensuring it communicates what the employer really wants.

By indicating your skills, knowledge, and/or experience in a manner that matches the recruiter’s mission and vision for the role is an effective way of writing a resume objective.

You can increase your chances of securing a CNA job by using the above listed certified nurse assistant objective examples as a guide in making your resume.

You are also free to directly use any of the above career objective samples in your resume with or without modification as long as it properly communicates your qualities and/experience for the certified nurse assistant job.

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