22 HR Assistant Resume Objective Examples to Copy

HR Assistant Resume Objective
A great objective statement can decide the success of your HR assistant resume.

The success of your HR assistant resume starts with a powerful objective statement.

The impact of your objective, which happens to be the first thing the employer reads when they pick up your resume, is important and may decide whether they will be impressed and continue reading or not.

To improve the chances of your resume making it to the employer’s top choice list for the human resources assistant job consideration, it is worth learning how to make a great objective statement.

Contrary to what some people may think, writing a great objective is not difficult at all.

All that it entails is to do a little study of the HR assistant job description published by the employer to find out the major goals and objectives for the role, as well as the competence and experience required to succeed on the job.

Having known these, you can then present the relevant qualities, skills, and experience that you have acquired to be able to excel in achieving the goals set for the role by the employer.

Now, here are 22 objective examples to aid you in preparing a resume for the human resources assistant role:

1. Flexible individual with advanced knowledge of HR principles and ability to professionally handle human resource assignment. Looking to obtain an HR assistant position with Deckart Groups.

2. Forward-thinking individual with refined interpersonal and multitasking skills. Looking to join a progressive organization as an HR assistant to provide high end administrative support in the human resource department.

3. Seeking an entry-level HR assistant position with Jasper Inc. Bringing outstanding knowledge of organizational procedures and ability to improve employee performance.

4. Looking for a human resource assistant position with IRIS Corp to utilize my organizational and administrative skills in maintaining employee records, processing payroll and resolving staff issues for optimal company operations.

5. Self-motivated professional with 6 years of administrative experience in a manufacturing firm. Currently seeking an HR assistant position to utilize strong communication and management skill.

6. Desire an HR assistant position with Oakland Global to perform various organizational and human resources tasks employing knowledge from a business management degree and special HR training.

7. Business administrative graduate with over 7 years of experience in a human resource department. Interested in an HR assistant position with Klein Corp to utilize superb IT knowledge in effectively managing employee information.

8. Looking to obtain an HR assistant position in a fast paced environment to utilize my exceptional multitasking and administrative skills in the effective management of company resources.

9. To give my best performance as a human resource assistant in your reputable organization, bringing strong knowledge of HR resource policies and ability to utilize this knowledge in meeting deadlines.

10. Resourceful individual with experience in a human resource unit. Seeking an HR assistant position to employ thorough knowledge of HRIS system for effective management of recruitment database.

11. To obtain a challenging but rewarding HR assistant position with Wiley Co. providing support to HR supervisors by performing daily administrative tasks, including scheduling interviews and posting job openings.

12. Looking for a professional HR assistant position. Coming with extensive knowledge of HR principles and ability to handle complex problems using outstanding organizational and time management skills.

13. Looking for a full time HR assistant position in a fast paced environment utilizing ability to perform administrative and clerical functions to support the HR department.

14. Goal-oriented individual with 3+ years in an administrative environment. Seeking an HR assistant position to apply excellent multitasking and analytical skills in effectively fulfilling the responsibilities for the position.

15. Self-motivated professional with 5 years of experience in a human resource field. Looking to gain employment as HR assistant to utilize my abilities and skills in ensuring an efficient HR unit.

16. Possess several years of experience in a human resource field and knowledgeable in organizational processes. Looking for an HR assistant position with Alderdale Inc. to provide professional services.

17. To secure a human resources assistant position with Sine Industries. Coming with exceptional skills and proven track record of managing over 4000 benefit administration tasks.

18. Experienced human resource professional proficient in handling payroll, posting ad vacancies, and providing administrative support to HR personnel. Looking to obtain an HR assistant position with Brookshield Co.

19. Focused individual with a human resources management degree. Seeking an entry level HR assistant position to apply knowledge of communication protocols and ability to oversee recruitment efforts in maintaining efficient HR operations.

20. Performance-driven individual with exceptional office management skills and ability to provide high end support services to human resource executives. Seeking an HR assistant position with Rockstone Groups.

21. Highly motivated human resource specialist seeking an HR Assistant position in a fast paced organization where excellent planning and management skills will be fully utilized.

22. Desire to occupy an HR assistant position. Comes with exceptional ability to support human resource affairs through payroll processing, employee orientation and interview schedules.


Your objective statement plays a key role in determining the success of your HR assistant resume, as it can decide if a potential employer will continue to read your resume or not.

A great objective will help you capture the reader’s interest in your offering from the beginning of the resume, which improves the chances of the resume succeeding in getting you an interview appointment.

By following the tips and samples of human resources assistant objectives presented in this post, you are sure to be able to create effective objective statements for your resume.

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