22 Waitress Resume Objective Examples to Boost your Resume

By | May 20, 2024
Waitress Resume Objective
Your waitress resume can get a boost with a strong objective.

Having a well-crafted waitress resume objective statement is essential to securing an interview with recruiters, especially one that provides solutions to the needs of the employer.

Placed as the first statement in a resume, the objective immediately captures the attention of the reader and briefly describes how your skills and specialization meet the requirements of the recruiter for the waitress position.

You can write a good objective statement for this position by studying the waitress job description published by the recruiter. It will reveal to you specific things the employer wants the waitress to achieve.

Knowing this information will guide you in presenting in your objective statement the right skills, knowledge, and/or experience for achieving the identified goals.

Now, here are 22 top examples you can work with in creating effective objective statements for your waitress resume:

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22 Waitress Resume Objective Examples to Boost your Resume

1. To secure the position of waitress at Sommy’s Delicacies where I can utilize skills and abilities gathered from 2 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

2. Looking to join an organization as a waitress where my serving and general guest experience will be useful.

3. A motivated individual with 4 years of experience in a customer service position. Looking to work as a waitress at Just Fries. Bringing knowledge of food service etiquette.

4. Desire the position of a waitress at Renny’s Cuisine. Offering knowledge of restaurant culture and professional service ethics.

5. Professional waitress with 5 years of experience at CFK Restaurants. Currently looking to join a dynamic organization where proficiency in guest service will be duly compensated.

6. Seeking the position of waitress at Crispy Chow; a fast paced organization where ability to respond effectively to customers’ needs will be fully utilized.

7. A calm and dedicated individual looking to gain employment as a waitress at Tasty Grub. Bringing 4 years of experience as a bartender and good knowledge of customer service.

8. A customer-focused server looking to join Imperial Meals as a cocktail waitress to utilize food/beverage management expertise in the delivery of high quality service to customers.

9. Looking to work as a waitress at Scottish Dishes employing knowledge of different kinds of beverages, including wines, cocktail, and beer.

10. Desire a food server job with Marriott Texas. Bringing exceptional hospitality acumen to ensure satisfied customers.

11. A dynamic and energetic individual looking for a waitress position at Grand Cuisine to utilize my enthusiastic quality and ability to provide excellent customer service.

12. An experienced waitress looking to function in a management capacity at Epic Taste. Offering strong multitasking and leadership qualities.

More Waitress Resume Objective Examples [13-22]

13. To work in a challenging yet rewarding organization where knowledge of good work ethic and 3 years as a professional waitress will be fully utilized.

14. Desire to work as a waitress in your reputable organization. Comes with excellent people skills and experience in hotel service.

15. My career aim is to secure a waitress position with a progressive organization seeking a professional to provide excellent service to customers.

16. To obtain employment as a waitress at Hilton Restaurants where my communication and cross-selling skills will be used to facilitate increased returns and a satisfied clientele.

17. To obtain the position of waitress at Meat Loaf. Offering exceptional ability to anticipate guests’ needs and appropriately fulfill them to ensure high levels of operational efficiency.

18. Seeking the position of waitress at Prime eatery. Bringing an Associate’s degree in Hospitality Management and certification in Table Management.

19. A calm and patient individual with interest to join Golden Exotics as a waitress. Offering strong interpersonal skills and experience of accurately taking orders.

20. An expert waitress well versed in serving a variety of cuisines, including Empanada and Bandeja Paisa. Currently looking to secure a position at Mama’s Restaurant.

21. A dedicated individual seeking an entry level position as a waitress at Tang’s Chinese. Bringing bilingual and interpersonal skills to enhance patronage and maximize revenue.

22. A friendly and highly enthusiastic individual with good knowledge of food placement and ability to address customers courteously. Looking to join to Carrel Suites as a waitress.


To improve the strength of your waitress resume, you need to pay attention to your objective statement.

It should be able to get the employer’s attention, and how you can achieve this is by presenting the skills, experience, or/and knowledge that you have and can enable you to be effective on the job.

Every employer is looking for the candidate that has what it takes to succeed on the job and help them to achieve their goals.

Whenever you need to make an objective for a waitress resume, you can simply apply any of the examples provided in this post.

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