22 Accounts Payable Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Accounts Payable Resume Objective
Writing a resume an accounts payable job? If yes, then having a strong objective statement will enhance the resume.

Having a well-written accounts payable resume objective statement that provides solutions that directly addresses an employer’s needs will make it easier for your resume to be given attention by the employer and possibly wins you an interview appointment.

The objective section is an important aspect of your resume where you can highlight your interest in the accounts payable position, and also summarize the skill/abilities and/or experience that you possess that will enable you to successfully fulfill the role.

To produce such objective statement for your accounts payable resume, it is necessary to carry out some research to identify what the employer needs from the candidate they are looking for.

This information can be obtained by studying the accounts payable specialist job description they published for screening interested candidates.

A look at the job description provides you with information regarding the job responsibilities, the skills and other requirements applicants need to have to succeed on the job.

With this information, you can highlight your best skills and/or experience that will enable you to meet the needs of the employer and excel on the job.

To aid you in writing the perfect objective for your accounts payable resume, here are 22 examples you can use as a guide:

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22 Accounts Payable Resume Objective Examples

1. An ambitious professional with excellent bookkeeping and customer service skills. Looking to obtain an accounts payable position in a corporate environment.

2. Seeking an accounts payable position with Oxfam Groups. Coming with ability to handle full cycle accounts payable tasks in a fast paced organization.

3. Highly motivated and detailed individual with an Accounting degree and exceptional data entry skills. Looking to work as an accounts payable specialist in an organization that requires hands-on experience with spreadsheets.

4. Desire to occupy an accounts payable position at Jaden Corp. Comes with strong problem solving skills and ability to maintain accurate financial records in a challenging environment.

5. Detail-oriented individual with interest in an accounts payable position at Lorraine Investments. Offering ability to efficiently process vendor invoices and rectify accounts payable issues.

6. Looking to join Princeton Industries in an accounts payable capacity to utilize solid understanding of bookkeeping and accounts payable principles to ensure accurate financial records.

7. Accounts payable expert with over 5 years of experience recording and reconciling accounts receivable data. Looking to join Hopkins Co. as an accounts payable manager to maintain efficient transactions through periodic audits.

8. A certified accounting professional with strong knowledge of data entry and general accounting procedures. Hoping to secure an accounts payable position with Brook Inc. to apply my knowledge in maintaining accurate invoices.

9. Self-motivated accounts specialist with track record of introducing an online data entry system which reduced invoice input time by 60%. Possess exceptional knowledge of accounting principles and currently looking for an accounts payable position with Orange Tech to fully maximize my potential.

10. Seeking a senior accounts payable position with Grandt Enterprises. Bringing 4 years of experience in an invoice management and client relations industry.

More Accounts Payable Resume Objective Examples [11-16]

11. Proactive and performance-oriented individual with over 6 years of experience in an accounts payable position. Currently seeking an accounts payable specialist position to utilize my information management skills to ensure efficient accounting operations.

12. To obtain an entry-level accounts payable position with Cedric Corp using exceptional communication, customer service, and data management skills to maintain precise accounting records.

13. Looking for an executive accounts payable position with Evan Groups to apply extensive knowledge of ledger procedures and accounting principles to meet business requirements.

14. Organized accounts professional with track record of developing cost effective accounts solution. Seeking an accounts payable position with Peridot Co. to efficiently support financial operation

15. A proficient and precise accounting expert with record of introducing a payroll system which processed data for 500 employees in 4 hours. Looking to apply my accounting expertise to improve efficiency at Baxter.

16. Desiring an accounts payable position at Reinhardt to perform various clerical task, including invoice upload and processing of electronic transfers.

Additional Examples [17-22]

17. A resourceful individual with high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Seeking an entry level accounts payable position with Tivani Groups to utilize knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting principles in maintaining financial records.

18. To work at Crysta Digits as an accounts payable specialist. Bringing ability to sort, code, and match invoices using knowledge of accounts payable principles.

19. An experienced and confident accounts payable expert with performance record of improving revenue by 59% using dedicated progressive methods. Looking to secure an executive accounts payable position with Aegis to provide effective accounting solutions.

20. Highly motivated individual with exceptional problem solving skill. Looking to obtain an accounts payable position to apply knowledge of accounting software and methods to manage payments.

21. Result-oriented professional with 5 years of experience reconciling accounts payable transactions. Looking to employ my experience and knowledge to advance efficiency and productivity at Skye Investments.

22. To further my professional career with an executive accounts payable position in a world class company like Gold Standard Co. where ability to monitor accounts will be beneficial for efficient financial operations.


To increase the chances of success of your accounts payable resume, your objective statement must be well crafted.

It must immediately show to the employer that you have what it takes to succeed on the job.

This post helps you to create a winning objective that pulls in the employer to read the entire length of your resume and to choose your application for an interview.

You are free to apply any of the examples provided above in creating the perfect objective whenever you need to make a resume for the accounts payable job.

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