22 Operations Manager Resume Objective Examples to Guide You

Operations Manager Resume Objective
A great objective statement makes your operations manager resume more compelling.

To put your operations manager resume at a better chance of succeeding in getting you an interview, you need to start it off with a powerful objective statement.

A great objective does two things for your resume. It helps get the reader’s interest for them to continue reading the document, as well as make a strong impression in the mind of the employer that you are good for the position.

It is therefore important to learn how to make a winning objective to improve the quality of your resume, which this post seeks to help you with.

A great objective is one that gives the employer a reason to believe that you are the best person for the job.

To write such objective for your operations manager resume, you need to study the employer’s published job description for the position where you will be able to learn what is important to the employer and the required skills, competence, and experience to succeed on the job.

With this information, you can then present the right skills, knowledge, and/experience that you have, that will enable you be a top performer on the job and meet the employer’s needs.

The objective statement examples provided below will further guide you to creating one for your operations manager resume; you can also edit or modify any for direct use in your resume:

1. Result-oriented professional with over 5 years of experience coordinating production processes in a manufacturing firm. Looking to obtain an operations manager position with Hilton Corp to meet set performance objectives.

2. Desire to secure an operations manager position with Regent Enterprises. Offering strong knowledge of business processes and ability to coordinate department operations to achieve set targets.

3. Looking to obtain an operations manager position in a fast-paced organization where excellent leadership skill and ability to motivate will be utilized to achieve organizational objectives.

4. Seeking an operations manager position with Kohl Industries; an expanding organization where extensive experience as an operations assistant manager will be useful in the delivery of quality projects.

5. To secure an operations manager position with Wick Inc. Bringing 6 years of managerial experience at Lambert Ltd. to ensure smooth company operations through dedicated oversight of distribution processes.

6. Performance-oriented and intelligent professional with a management degree from Princeton and over 5 years of management experience in a business environment. Looking to obtain an operations manager position with a reputable organization like Orwell where my skills will be fully utilized.

7. Energetic operations management expert with in depth knowledge of productivity strategies and ability to manage resources to deliver projects within budget. Hoping to secure an operations manager position in an organization where my abilities will be maximized.

8. A highly committed individual with a track record of reducing operating costs by 18%. Seeking an operations manager position to utilize my expertise in boosting productivity and performance in an organization.

9. To work as professional operations manager applying my organizational skills and knowledge of standard operational procedures to achieve company goals.

10. Experienced operations manager with expertise in tracking budgets, developing efficient workflow, and managing employees to realize operational targets.

11. Proactive and self-motivated individual with interest in an operations manager position at Vista Corp to develop and implement strategies for improved business operations.

12. Enthusiastic professional with sound knowledge of financial information technology. Seeking an operations manager position at Ray Tech to enhance business processes through technological innovations.

13. To take up responsibility as an operations manager providing functional and personnel oversight at Atlantic Co.

14. To join Spectrum Inc. as an operations manager, bringing expertise in business management and process oversight to increase operational efficiency and achieve sustainable growth.

15. Desire an operations manager position at Seoul Corp. Bringing ability to oversee manufacturing processes to ensure timely delivery of products.

16. Resourceful operations management specialist with 7 years of active experience managing resources, forecasting, and conducting performance evaluations. Looking for an operations manager position in a dynamic organization where my skills will be fully utilized.

17. Diplomatic individual with strong leadership and decision making skills. Looking to work in an operations management capacity to oversee the planning and organization of company resources.

18. Dedicated professional with 5 years of experience in the management of labor and material resources. Hoping to obtain an operations manager position at Icon Industries to formulate effective policies for improved business operations.

19. Looking to secure an operations manager position in a fast paced organization where strong knowledge of business management operations will be applied in effectively directing production and business processes.

20. Proficient and forward-thinking professional well versed in conducting forecasts and surveys to identify the requirements of a product market. Currently looking to meet consumer needs in an operations management capacity.

21. Operations management specialist with in depth experience monitoring business processes and creating strategies to enhance productivity. Looking to advance to a senior operations manager position.

22. Seeking an operations manager position in a challenging but rewarding organization to deliver exceptional projects through effective employee coordination and implementation of operational processes.


Your resume will certainly be more effective with a compelling objective.

If you are making a resume for the operations manager job, you can easily create a winning objective by applying the tips and samples shared in this post.

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