22 Accounts Receivable Resume Objective Examples to Apply

By | July 10, 2023
Accounts Receivable Resume Objective
A great objective statement makes your accounts receivable resume more effective.

Having a well-crafted accounts receivable resume objective statement is vital in capturing the employer’s attention to continue reading your resume and possibly giving you an interview appointment.

A crucial part of the success of your accounts receivable resume is the career objective statement, which briefly highlights the skills and value you can offer to meet the needs of the employer.

The career objective statement is usually assigned a primary position in a resume or cv to gain the attention of a recruiter at first glance.

Thus, the content of the objective section goes a long way in determining if your application is followed up or thrashed.

It is important to carry out some research to identify the needs of a prospective employer as well as the roles required for a position; the accounts receivable job description usually published by the employer provides a good source of information about the job, which you can apply in creating a compelling career objective for your resume.

Here are 22 examples of accounts receivable objective statements you can use as a template in making your resume and increasing its success rate:

22 Accounts Receivable Resume Objective Examples to Apply

1. Result-oriented professional with over 5 years of experience in accounts receivable processes in an accounting firm. Looking to obtain an account receivable specialist position with Hilton Inc. to meet set performance objectives.

2. Desire to secure an accounts receivable specialist position with Regent Enterprises. Offering strong knowledge of accounting system for efficiency.

3. Looking to obtain an accounts receivable position in a fast-paced organization where excellent leadership skill will be put to work for a great outcome in the accounting system of the company.

4. Seeking an accounts receivable position with Kohl Industries; an expanding organization where extensive experience in tracking and resolving outstanding issues will be needed.

5. To secure an accounts receivable position with Wick Inc. Bringing 6 years of accounting experience at Lambert Ltd. to ensure smooth company credit operations through dedication in accounting.

6. Performance-oriented and intelligent professional with an accounting degree from Princeton, and over 5 years of accounts receivable experience. Looking to obtain an accounts receivable specialist position with a reputable organization like Orwell where my potentials will be fully utilized.

7. Energetic accounts receivable expert with ability to cope and work with a company’s already established procedures. Hoping to secure an accounts receivable specialist position in an organization where my abilities will be maximized with diligence.

8. A highly committed individual with the ability to learn and impart new ideas and methods of practice in the accounts receivable department for an effective running of the company.

9. Coming with high professionalism in handling issues concerning customers and excellent phone etiquette in relating with clients in the right manner.

More Accounts Receivable Resume Objective Examples [10-16]

10. Experienced account receivable specialist with a good organizational skill, with the ability to prioritize tasks based on the most important duties meant to be completed first before any other.

11. Proactive and energetic individual with a positive attitude to work. Seeking accounts receivable position in Rakuten ent. to effectively carry out duties concerning accounts receivable.

12. Enthusiastic professional with sound knowledge of the accounts receivable system. Seeking an accounts receivable position at Ray Tech to enhance the timely recovery of debts owed by entities to the company.

13. To take up responsibility as an accounts receivable specialist with the ability to multi-task and meet the company’s expectations at Atlantic Co.

14. To join Spectrum Inc. as an accounts receivable specialist, bringing professionalism in working with other company departments to ensure all outstanding bills are paid when it is due time.

15. Desire an accounts receivable position at Seoul Corp. Bringing the ability of preparing account reports and maintaining them for future reference.

16. Resourceful professional with over 7years of experience in the accounts receivable practice; equal to the task of periodically giving the organization reports on accounts receivable for a quick decision by management.

Additional Examples [17-22]

17. A versatile individual with experience working in an accounts receivable department, with proficiency in the use of accounting software and Microsoft Excel.

18. Dedicated professional with 5 years of experience in the collection section of an accounts receivable department. Looking to gain an accounts receivable position in an organization to effectively seek debtors for payments of the money they owe at the right time.

19. Looking to secure an accounts receivable position in a fast paced organization where strong knowledge of accounts receivable and collection will be utilized in an effective manner.

20. Proficient and forward-thinking professional, well versed in conducting account research and analysis. Currently looking to meet the accounts receivable needs of an organization needing a professional to carry out the duty effectively.

21. Accounts receivable specialist with in-depth knowledge of the accounts receivable processes. Seeking to work with an organization looking for individuals with the right expertise and the ability to perform high tasking roles efficiently.

22. Seeking an accounts receivable position in a challenging but rewarding organization, to help in tracking debts owed by entities to the firm.


Your career objective statement plays a key role in determining if a potential employer is impress by the content of your resume or not.

It is therefore important to produce a compelling objective for your accounts receivable resume if you are going to get invited to an interview.

Highlighting your skills, knowledge, and/or experience to fit the employer’s goals and value for the position is an effective way of writing the winning objective statement.

Go ahead to use the samples provided in this post in producing your resume or cv and make it easier to warm your way into employers’ heart and eventually get hired as the new accounts receivable professional.

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