22 Data Entry Objectives to Make your Resume Stand Out

By | May 20, 2024
Data Entry Objectives
Put your data entry resume on the path of success with a compelling objective.

If you are seeking a data entry job, having a strong objective in your resume can make a lot of difference in deciding if it gets read and approved for interview.

An objective statement that presents relevant skills, knowledge, and experience of the data entry job will definitely get the attention of the employer and put your application at a better chance of been accepted.

And the good thing is that you can produce such objective statement by applying the examples and tips shared in this post.

What you need to do is to simply look into the data entry job description published by the employer for the position.

You will be able to discover the major goal or tasks they want the data entry specialist to carry out and the competence needed for the job.

With this information, you can present your skills, knowledge, or experience appropriate for realizing the identified goals in your objective statement.

Now, here are 22 examples of objectives that you can apply to make your data entry resume stand out:

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22 Data Entry Objectives to Make your Resume Stand Out

1. To obtain a position as an entry-level data entry clerk using skills acquired during my IT degree program to type correspondences and provide administrative support.

2. A data entry specialist looking to join Gator Corp by applying extensive data entry skills honed over the course of my professional career.

3. Seeking a data entry position with a fast paced organization employing a degree in information management and ability to meet standard data entry requirements, including typing speed and accuracy.

4. Desire to occupy a medical data entry position with Savannah Health Care. Comes with ability to operate data entry equipment and maintain precise records of electronic data.

5. To secure a challenging and rewarding data entry position with Vaughn Inc. applying organizational and administrative skills in the feeding and storage of financial data.

6. A focused and detail-oriented individual with remarkable typing speed and data interpretation skills. Currently looking to join Blue Enterprises as a data entry operator.

7. Pursuing a career as data entry officer at Liberty Ventures. Bringing 2 years of experience in an administrative position as well as ability to enter and maintain accounting information.

8. To become a data entry operator at Digits Inc. using knowledge of data entry tools and excellent indexing/filing ability.

9. A hardworking data entry specialist looking to work in an organization where proficiency in the use of data entry applications as well as acute attention to details will be fully utilized.

More Data Entry Objectives [10-16]

10. Seeking a data entry position with Peterman Co. to apply accurate typing skills and strong database management knowledge to improve productivity of the company.

11. Looking to work as a data entry clerk in a reputable company like Bits n Bytes. Offering exceptional knowledge of HTML and ability to convert data as necessary to ensure efficiency of company operations.

12. To obtain a fulfilling position as a data entry specialist at CSC Corp. Bringing exceptional ability to accurately sort and upload financial and accounting records in company database.

13. An organized data entry clerk with 10 years of experience using spreadsheets, word processors and desktop publishers. Currently looking to join an organization that rewards ability to manage general data entry operations.

14. Hopeful for a professional data entry position in a progressive company where exceptional administrative skills and track record of processing over 3000 client orders per month will be reflected.

15. My goal is to utilize proficiency in online form application and HTML Tagging skill to improve quality of customer service and maximize profit for the company.

16. Seeking a data entry operator job at Technista. Bringing strong organizational and communication skills as well as ability to efficiently manage multiple priorities to meet deadlines.

Additional Data Entry Objectives [17-22]

17. A reliable and meticulous data entry agent with excellent record of accuracy and customer satisfaction. Looking to join an expanding organization to handle alphanumeric data entry projects.

18. A highly trained data entry clerk with a track record of 80 WPM and 5 years of experience transcribing and inputting alphanumeric data on computer systems. Interested in a data entry position with Digitouch.

19. To work as a medical data entry operator at Gold Resources. Bringing 3 years of data entry experience and exceptional ability to enter medical data into electronic health records.

20. An experienced data entry expert looking to join Masters Inc. in a management capacity to utilize 6 years of experience to improve overall data entry operations.

21. Looking for a strong data entry position in a dynamic and progressive company where my multitasking skills and ability to effectively meet deadlines will be fully utilized.

22. Desire to secure a data entry clerk position with JWC Co. to operate a range of data entry systems and perform clerical tasks including indexing, coding, and filing.


Your objective statement plays a key role in determining if a potential employer reads your resume or not.

Therefore, for your resume to be given a serious attention, you must ensure that it has a captivating objective.

The examples of data entry objectives provided in this post can assist you in creating winning resumes for the position whenever you need to submit an application.

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