Top 22 Nanny Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Nanny Resume Objective
To be effective, your nanny resume objective statement should show your love and ability to work with children.

To be impressive on the reccruiter/employer, your nanny resume objective should show that you know what the job is about and have the competence and experience to effective perform on the nanny job.

As someone applying for the job of a nanny, you will be expected to present a resume to employers so they can properly assess your suitability for the job.

To make a good nanny resume begins with writing a compelling objective statement that immediately captures the employer’s attention.

A nanny is responsible for looking after young children at a formal institution, private home, or business.

Being a successful nanny requires the ability to meet any need the child might have.

A good objective statement in your resume should let your employer know that you are skilled and qualified to handle children.

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What should be in your Nanny Resume Objective

Basic skills such as ability to feed, bathe, dress, and play with kids should be prominent in your objective.

Any knowledge you may have acquired could set you apart from the crowd of job seekers if you emphasize it in your objective statement.

Here are examples of great nanny resume objective statements that you can adopt when making yours:

Top 22 Nanny Resume Objective Examples

1. Seeking a Nanny position with AGE OLD Agency, coming with thorough comprehension of the English language, effective communication skills, and the ability to actively listen to other peoples’ questions and concerns.

2. Applying for the job of a Nanny, with experience and awareness of the behavioral patterns of children; and the ability to monitor them and care for their needs.

3. Nanny with 10 years’ experience in personal safety, public safety, and child psychology interested in obtaining a position at XYZ Company.

4. A dedicated individual with experience in monitoring, decision making, and social perceptiveness skills seeking to work as a Nanny at Care Homes.

5. Professional Nanny with inductive and deductive reasoning skills, problem solving skills, knowledge of first-aid techniques and caring attitude to work.

6. Result-driven individual looking for the job of a Nanny with Purple Children’s Agency, having superb background in care and education of children in private home teaching.

7. Interested in Nanny position with ABC Company, ready to contribute to the overall benefit of company, utilizing skills in critical thinking, social perceptiveness and child services orientation.

8. Looking for a post of live-in Nanny in which having a degree in early childhood education, caring nature, optimistic attitude, and care of young children can make the difference.

More Nanny Resume Objective Examples [9-16]

9. Loving and caring Nanny seeking a position with private household where experience and expertise as a child care provider and personal assistant can enrich the lives of both children and their parents.

10. Professional housekeeper desirous of a Nanny job; to utilize divers set of child care skills, and to provide housekeeping service in a loving household.

11. Part-time Nanny with effective communication skills, toddler care skills; and qualification, looking to work part-time and assist in after-school child care.

12. Bilingual Nanny fluent in English and French seeks a live-in position in caring environment using beginner learning qualifications and skills to educate children.

13. Professional Nanny with extensive child care education and training in behavioral management, and skills in undertaking children’s development looking for work with Nanny hiring agency.

14. Self-motivated individual desirous of challenging position as Nanny with GMB Company; bringing a strong affection for children along with a professional attitude to develop and nurture them.

15. Seeking a Nanny position where demonstrable love for children and the yearning to make a difference in young lives in the most effective manner is uppermost.

16. Resourceful individual looking for Nanny position with a private family; bringing respectful attitude, discretion, and an outgoing nature to provide care and affection to children.

More Nanny Resume Objective Examples [17-22]

17. To obtain a position of Nanny in an environment that offers a challenge, increased benefits to both parties, and the opportunity to add to children’s growth and personal career development.

18. Nurturing Nanny seeking position with XYZ Company where formal training and work related experience, as well as hands-on care of children will be utilized to provide exceptional physical and academic growth of children.

19. Kind-hearted Nanny desirous of work where extensive experience in child care will be utilized to instill moral values and principles in children, ensuring good upbringing.

20. Desirous of working at Chicago Nanny’s; bringing 3 years of experience in child care, and the ability to run errands and perform basic housekeeping tasks.

21. Looking for position of Nanny in private home in a challenging environment where children’s private education is strongly enhanced with skills and knowledge of school curriculum.

22. Applying for position of Nanny at Hirshe’s Child Care Agency, coming with excellent child care skills, great enthusiasm for work, and a caring disposition towards children.


Writing a resume objective for a nanny position can be a daunting challenge as it could be a point of total rejection for some candidates if not well written.

Your objective has to reflect your character and personality.

Coming forward as not clear on your attitude and desire to work with children could be the nail in the coffin of your job search.

Tailoring your objective to the job description and demonstrating your love for children in your resume’s objective statement is very important to the success of your resume to getting you the desired nanny job.

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