Top 22 Office Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Office Assistant Resume Objective
Starting your office assistant resume with a strong objective statement that offers value to employers will be more effective.

If you need to write a resume for the job of an office assistant, the objective part of it should be compelling enough to arrest the reader’s attention and get them to continue reading the rest of it.

This post presents great examples of office assistant objective statements that you can apply in making one for your resume.

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The job of an office assistant entails responsibilities such as clerical and administrative duties, including filing, entering data, arranging schedule, and of course, answering telephone calls – duties that keep an office running smoothly.

Your objective statement on your resume should highlight the ability that fits this job description.

Ensure you showcase your skills and values in your statement.

The statement should include your relevant experience along with exceptional qualities that make you a great fit for the position.

Qualities and a diverse set of skills like time management, interpersonal and organizational skills are essential, and balancing various tasks (multitasking) while performing day-to-day duties.

Writing objectives for the office assistant resume may be difficult for a lot of people, however, here are examples you can use:

1. Seeking work as an Office Assistant at Upwork Studios, with proficiency in phone systems, office equipment, word processing programs and other software, and general running of an office of repute.

2. Applying for a position of Office Assistant at ABC Company, bringing solid knowledge of specialized duties, such as accounting, managing inventory, booking appointments, and making travel arrangements with impeccable communication skills.

3. Highly enthusiastic individual looking for a position at Abe’s Law Firm, coming with ability to prioritize tasks, effectively coordinate office operations, keep law books and records, and the ability to prepare procurement of office supplies with exceptional skill.

4. Office Assistant with 5 years experience looking to apply at Constance’s Place, bringing clerical and organizational skills, speed typing skills, and short hand skills; the ability to keep inventory of office supplies, and analytical mindset.

5. Driven, detail-oriented professional seeking the post of Office Assistant at XYZ Company which demands strong data entry and accounting skills, right attitude to work, and courteous disposition.

6. To obtain position of Office Assistant at Curio’s Agency, bringing communication and organizational skills to improve efficiency and client experience with strong administrative expertise.

7. Self-motivated individual with a desire to use technical and customer service skills to support company policies; and deepen relationship with customers and co-workers as Office Assistant for maximum benefit to Joe’s Electric Servicing Company.

8. Dedicated Office Assistant ready to provide momentum to keep company going, implement policies and procedures, organize and plan work assignments and procedures to meet deadlines; and provide support to get the job done.

9. Applying for position of Office Assistant seeking a challenging environment to use 10 years experience successfully providing secretarial and administrative support to the management for stable and efficient work process.

10. Looking for a job as Office Assistant, with proven ability to efficiently plan and manage multiple assignments; a proactive problem-solver with technical skills in repair and maintenance of office equipment.

11. An energetic Office Assistant, bringing 8 years experience as an administrative assistant in a fast-paced workplace implementing office policies and procedures, with in-depth knowledge of relevant company software applications.

12. To obtain a position at Acer Company as Office Assistant, an individual with well-developed administrative competencies, including bookkeeping, clerical skills, and strong background in client relations.

13. Highly proactive individual seeking employment with ABC Company as Office Assistant having excellent oral and written communication skills, proven ability to work without supervision, manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines.

14. Focused team-player desirous of position of Office Assistant with proven ability to organize and accomplish projects, meeting tight deadlines, with strong background in developing data management systems.

15. Desirous of working in a result-oriented company as Office Assistant with high proficiencies in MS Office; and recognized for extensively improving office systems and processes.

16. Seeking a post of Office Assistant in a challenging and rewarding company within the private sector where prior experience and expertise and commitment to professionalism will be of value.

17. To secure employment as Office Assistant in an accounting firm, bringing bookkeeping knowledge, data entry skills, and expertise and abilities in effecting mutual employee and employer growth.

18. To secure a position as an Office Assistant at The Managers, looking to utilize skills with accuracy and efficiency while maintaining a motivated, productive environment for the entire management team.

19. Engaging individual with excellent organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail, highly skilled in drafting documents, as well as having the ability to ensure secrecy in administrative duties seeking a position in U.S. Army Corp.

20. Looking for the post of Office Assistant with reputable company on long-term basis, bringing experience as a hardworking, detail-oriented team player with track record of efficiency in administrative position.

21. Dependable entry level individual seeking a position as Office Assistant, coming with the ability to quickly learn from scratch, adjust to new environment, and easily gain new skills; possess qualifications in Secretarial Administration and a friendly attitude to work.

22. Organized Office Assistant looking for work in an environment where experience and educational qualifications will add value to the entire workforce, ensuring smooth running of the office.


A hiring manager does not want to read a book about you, so make sure your objective is short and concise, but contains the major skills and experience needed for the job.

Your objective statement should tell the employer in a straight forward and speedy manner why your resume is worth reading and to give it serious consideration.
You are free to choose an objective statement from the above and go ahead to craft that winning office assistant resume.

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