Top 21 Police Officer Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Police Officer Resume Objective
A good objective statement in your police officer resume can improve its effectiveness.

Your police officer resume objective statement should be detailed and highlights the qualities needed to succeed as a police officer, which you should note from the published job description.

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What should be in your Police Officer Resume Objective

Are you writing a resume for the job of a police officer? If yes, then a resume objective statement, also known as career goal is a vital part you may include in your resume.

Your objective statement should highlight a few major qualities and skills you hope to bring to the job if hired.

A well written objective statement should put you ahead of the competition by getting the attention of the reader quickly.

Know that your resume is just one of the many that the recruiter may receive, so you need to make sure you hit the nail on the head with your objective or else you may not be noticed by the employer.

Your expertise, knowledge, and any past experience will help your chances, so remember to write these in your resume objective.

To help you create a great objective for your police officer resume, here are 21 examples you can work with:

Top 21 Police Officer Resume Objective Examples

1. Looking to secure a managerial Police Officer position with ABC Police Department where strong communication skills, problem sensitivity, and reasoning skills will be put to use in providing better service to the community.

2. Eager and hardworking individual looking for entry-level Police Officer position at East L. A. Police Department. Bringing expertise in community service; using social perceptiveness and critical thinking skills to serve and protect members of the community.

3. Seeking the position of Police Officer in XYZ Police Department. Coming with 10 years of police experience, knowledge of law, government, public safety, and communication skills to prove top-notch service to the community.

4. To obtain a Police Officer position with Detroit Police Department. To apply exceptional knowledge of human behavior, perception and quick reasoning skills gained over 20 years of experience in serving the community and department.

5. Motivated individual who thrives under pressure looking for Police Officer position at D.C. Precinct Police Department. Bringing 20 years of experience, strong knowledge of law, public safety, and resource allocation to provide excellent service to the police department.

6. Experienced and knowledgeable individual searching for Chief of Police position with XYZ Police Department; to apply proven expertise and 20 years of experience in community policing in achieving new levels of community service and public safety and protection.

7. To secure Police Officer position with the New York State Police Department. To utilize expertise in crime prevention, case detection, and law-and-order implementation techniques to creating a safe environment for the community.

8. Seeking an entry-level Police Officer position with XYZ State Police Department. Bringing enormous knowledge of crime prevention protocols, general patrolling capabilities, case detecting, and criminal report writing for the benefit of the department.

More Police Officer Resume Objective Examples [9-16]

9. Methodical and dedicated law enforcement graduate seeking a Police Officer position with Greater Rapids Traffic Control Department, where crime investigation/prevention skills, specialized course in traffic control and law and order enforcement can be maximally utilized.

10. Looking to become a part of the winning law enforcement team in the capacity of a Police Officer with Bay Area Rapid Transit. Bringing commitment to taking appropriate action in response to violation of criminal law, as well as strong knowledge of constitutional implications of the same.

11. An extensively trained and recently certified Police Officer with expertise in effective patrolling, investigating crime, preparing reports, and interviewing witnesses; seeking to work as a Police Officer at Deep Creek County Police Department.

12. Experienced Police Officer looking to work at Pearl Island District Police Department. Well prepared to perform crime prevention tasks, utilizing knowledge to preserve evidence and apprehend law breakers; while keeping the limitations and procedures of the law in mind.

13. To work for the city of Georgetown as a Police Officer. Eager to maintain a potentially safe environment for the city people using experience and training gained through tasks and trials to enforce order in the community.

14. Extremely competent Police Officer looking for a position with Ohio Home Office; using 5 years progressive experience in law enforcement and exceptional patrolling skills on state highways.

15. Energetic and confident professional seeking a Police Officer position with Virginia State Office; possess exceptional ability to handle multiple cases simultaneously; and expertise in law enforcement protocols to help secure the community.

16. Desirous of a position as a Police Officer at the city of Salem Police Department. Offering exceptional knowledge of modern law enforcement practices and ability to work diligently with diverse population.

Additional Police Officer Resume Objective Examples [17-21]

17. To obtain the position of Police Officer with XYZ Department with the aim of preserving law and order, enforcing traffic regulations, preventing crime, and ensuring peaceful coexistence of all citizens.

18. Looking to work in New York State as a Police Officer, where experience plus commitment to safety of all citizens will be vigorously pursued.

19. Seeking to be a Police Officer at Delaware District Police Department; possess relevant skills and strategic thinking to effectively enforce law and order.

20. To work as a Police Officer in New England Police Department. Bringing leadership skills to the protection of life and property; possess the ability to maintain composure under crisis conditions and emergencies, and to utilize decision making skills.

21. Applying for the Police Officer position in Police Force where more than five years of experience and skills in neighborhood watch policing techniques will be put to good use.


Whether your police officer resume captures the attention of the employer depends a great deal on how effective your objective statement is.

Your objective needs to emphasize your skills, qualifications, and experience which you aim to bring to the job.

Go ahead to study and adopt the above sample objective statements in creating one for your police officer resume.

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