22 Security Officer Objective Examples to Make a Great Resume

By | May 20, 2024
Security Officer Objective
Your security officer resume can be stronger with a well crafted objective statement.

To be effective, your security officer resume objective should emphasize qualities like passion for protecting lives and property, knowledge of public safety regulations and standard security protocols, which are important to succeed on the job.

If you are writing a resume for the security officer job, the objective section is a part you must ensure come out really strong.

Being the first statement the employer will see when they pick up your resume, the quality and effectiveness of your objective can determine whether they are pulled into the resume and read it to the last section or are disinterested and discontinue reading.

Therefore, to make a great impression on the employer, your objective must communicate your competence and experience for the security officer position.

It should be able to address a major requirement of the position as stated in the job description published by the recruiter for the position.

Writing a winning objective statement for your security officer resume is not difficult, the following examples, which you can modify to quickly make one for your resume, will make the learning process faster:

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22 Security Officer Objective Examples to Make a Great Resume

1. A reliable and motivated individual with a passion to protect lives and property. Looking to obtain a security officer position with City Mall.

2. Dedicated security officer with good knowledge of public safety regulations. Interested in a security position at Parkland Enterprises.

3. A sharp-eyed and quick thinking individual looking to occupy a security officer position in an organization where knowledge and exposure to standard security protocols will be fully maximized.

4. Seeking a professional security officer job at Evergreen College. Bringing exceptional ability to develop and implement highly effective security protocols for the safety of students and staff across the campus.

5. Looking to obtain a chief security officer position in an organization where 5 years of experience as law enforcement personnel will be utilized.

6. To work as a security officer with Orion Inc. Offering excellent investigative and monitoring capability to minimize risk of theft or company breach.

7. An accomplished law enforcement professional with in depth experience in surveillance, problem-solving and investigation. Looking to explore new opportunities as a security officer at FEMA.

8. Desire a security officer job at Glasswell Company; a dynamic organization where experience and passion for managing security systems will be beneficial to the safety of lives and property.

More Security Officer Resume Objective Examples [9-16]

9. To apply my 5 years of security experience to contribute to the security operations of an expanding organization like Kremont, using exceptional judgment and analytical skills.

10. Looking to work with Legacy Industries as a security officer to help reduce criminal activities using strong physical strength and critical thinking skills.

11. Detail-oriented individual seeking a security officer position with Canopus Co. to ensure general safety through effective patrols, investigation and crowd control.

12. A resourceful and professional individual interested in a security officer position at Walters Inc. Bringing ability to handle emergency situations in order to secure employees and property.

13. A highly trained security officer looking to join Baltimore Corp. as a chief security officer. Offering strong knowledge of security systems and ability to ensure compliance with regulations.

14. To obtain the post of security officer at St. Anthony’s Hospital where expertise providing hospital security services will be fully utilized.

15. Desire a challenging and rewarding security officer position with Princeton Groups. Comes with 15 years of experience as a police officer and extensive knowledge of security protocols and technology useful in protecting clients.

16. An enthusiastic and energetic individual seeking an entry level security officer position with Hallmark Agency. Bringing a passion for public safety and basic knowledge of security measures.

Additional Examples [17-22]

17. My goal is to work in a progressive company to utilize extensive security experience in the development of policies and protocols for company security.

18. Seeking a senior security officer position with Gold Industries. Bringing 4 years of experience preventing criminal activities in an industrial setting.

19. To gain employment as a security officer in an organization where expertise in enforcing regulations to maintain a safe environment will be fully utilized.

20. Looking to join Logan Inc. as a security officer to apply exceptional problem solving skills and ability to minimize criminal activities through effective surveillance and patrol.

21. To work as a professional security officer at Universal Corp. Bringing 7 years of experience in the law enforcement field as well as strong work ethics and commitment to safety of lives and properties

22. A highly trained and fit individual looking to obtain a security officer job with Homeland Securities to provide prompt response to public emergencies in order safeguard the lives of citizens.


The quality of your objective statement affects the strength of your resume in getting you the security officer job you are gunning for.

It is therefore worth it to take a few moments in learning how to make a winning objective, which you can master by using the tips and samples shared in this post.

You can also quickly make an objective statement for a security officer resume by editing any of the objective examples given above to suit the job demand and the skills, competence, and experience that you have.

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