22 Hospitality Resume Objective Examples to Make a Wow Resume

By | May 20, 2024
Hospitality Resume Objective
With a strong objective statement, you can improve your resume’s success rate.

To be effective, your hospitality resume objective statement should highlight skills and experience like friendly customer service skills food and beverage preparation experience.

If you are looking for how to give the best objective statement to your hospitality resume, this post is designed to help you achieve that.

Are you preparing a resume for a job position in the hospitality sector such as chef, hotel receptionist, hostess, and front desk officer? If you are, you need to have a great objective statement to start off your resume on a winning lane.

A successful objective is one that gets employers hooked on the content of the resume right from the first paragraph for them to read every section of it, and ultimately to offer you an appointment for an interview.

To create such an objective statement, what you need to do is to study the published job description for the position. From it you will discover the major expectations of the employer for the role.

With this information, you can highlight the relevant knowledge, skills, and/or experience that you will bring to the table to be able to excel on the job.

The following 22 examples of hospitality objectives will help you learn how to make one for your resume fast:

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22 Hospitality Resume Objective Examples to Make a Wow Resume

1. Seeking the position of receptionist at Royal Hotel to utilize my admirable welcoming attitude and friendly customer service skills in the delivery of high quality service.

2. Looking to secure employment as a chef with an organization that provides a platform to utilize my exceptional food and beverage preparation skill.

3. To work for Oakland Inn as a Guest Relation Manager, applying knowledge of standard services to ensure satisfied guests.

4. Looking to join Rose Suites as a hostess to deliver exceptional customer service using ability to work in a hospitality environment.

5. Desiring a housekeeper position with Hyatt Hotels, bringing 6 years of hospitality experience and enthusiasm for excellent customer services.

6. Culinary academy graduate seeking the position of chef with Hilton Suites. Offering experience in the preparation of French and Italian cuisine.

7. An easy-going and customer-friendly individual looking to work as receptionist to improve organizational productivity through various clerical functions, including database correspondence and customer follow up.

8. To obtain a hostess position with Marriott Atlanta, bringing knowledge of professional food service and restaurant culture.

9. Seeking the position of a server with Ruby International where extensive experience in first-rate customer service and culinary expertise will be fully utilized.

10. Desiring the position of hostess at Sheraton cuisine. Offering hands-on experience in receiving guests and serving food.

11. Looking to work as a hotel manager in a reputable hotel. Offering excellent customer service and 5 years of experience in a managerial position.

12. A courteous and dedicated front desk officer looking for employment in an organization where ability to operate multiline telephone system and provide fantastic client service will be reflected.

More Hospitality Resume Objective Examples [13-22]

13. To obtain a receptionist position with Classy Motors. Offering exceptional customer care and clerical expertise to ensure efficient company operations.

14. Enthusiastic and committed individual seeking a hostess position in the hospitality industry to utilize my refined, articulate, and professional disposition in the provision of exceptional service to customers.

15. Looking to join Rowland Inn as a receptionist to ensure smooth running of company operations using my communication and people skills.

16. I am currently looking for a permanent general manager position with Evergreen Hotel; a world class establishment where a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management and 3 years of experience as a restaurant manager will be fully utilized.

17. To work as a front desk personnel for Motion Inc. employing knowledge and experience in the handling of office administrative functions as well as dealing with client inquiries.

18. A goal-oriented professional seeking a sous chef position in a hospitality setting. Offering 10 years of experience in the preparation of various continental dishes including Chinese and Italian recipes.

19. A highly trained and experienced chef looking to join Grand Restaurant as a senior chef to utilize extensive culinary knowledge in the preparation of exotic foods that will skyrocket patronage and revenue.

20. To contribute to the delivery of superb hotel service at Prime Hotels using good budgeting and organizational skills to improve hotel operations in a managerial capacity.

21. Seeking a hostess job at Caesar’s Palace. Bringing great passion for attending to people’s needs and proven ability to think and act fast.

22. Looking to secure a housekeeper job in a hospitality setting using exceptional table setting and organizational skills to ensure an ambient environment for guest reception.


The objective section of your resume if well crafted can significantly boost the chances of the resume winning an interview for you.

You can create a knock-out of an objective statement for your hospitality resume by simply applying the samples provided in this post.

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