20 Best Resume Objective Examples for Hairstylist

By | May 20, 2024
Resume Objective Examples for Hairstylist
With a great objective statement, your hairstylist resume will be more effective in getting the recruiter/employer to read it.

This post provides great resume objective examples for hairstylist, to help you learn how to make an effective one for your resume or CV and increase your chances of being hired for the hairstylist position you are applying for.

If you are writing a resume objective for hairstylist positions, it is important to make it really compelling, so you can quickly get the recruiter/employer’s attention to read all parts of your resume/CV when they begin to read it.

The first part of your goal for creating a resume is to get the recruiter/employer to be interested in reading your resume and learning what you have to offer as a hairstylist if you are offered the position.

You can achieve this goal by writing a highly compelling objective statement for your resume, which this post will help you to achieve.

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How to Make a Good Resume Objective for a Hairstylist Position

To make a stunning resume objective for a hairstylist position, you need to know what exactly the employer wants.

Once you know this and reflect it in your resume objective, then the recruiter/employer will be more likely to read all parts of your resume to learn what you are offering.

You can know what the recruiter/employer wants for the hairstylist position they want to fill by studying the job’s description and requirements.

From the hairstylist job description posted by the recruiter/employer, you will get to understand what the job entails, in terms of the duties and responsibilities the successful candidate will be expected to perform.

The job requirements will show you the qualities, training, experience, etc. that the successful candidate for the hairstylist position will be expected to meet to be hired.

Having the above information will help you to make an effective hairstylist resume objective that assures the employer/recruiter that you are the true candidate for the position who will be able to perform the duties and responsibilities of the hairstylist position excellently..

You’ll need to emphasize some of your best qualities, education, and/or experience in your hairstylist resume objective statement, which should meet the employer’s requirements.

Now, here are some hairstylist resume objective examples to help you master making one for your resume/CV:

20 Best Resume Objective Examples for Hairstylist Position

  1. Hopeful to gain employment with Wild Orchid Salon as a Hairstylist to maintain retail sales goals as well as sterilization and cleanliness standards to TDLR standards. Also bringing 10 years of experience as a full-time hairstylist, knowledge in Goldwell color, and the willingness to provide an exceptional client experience.
  2. Well-organized individual with creative, motivational, and inspirational skills seeks employment with Salon as a Hairstylist to utilize the ability to offer strong communication skills and work well in a team environment. Also bringing great customer service skills, current SC cosmetology license, and the ability to perform the duties of a salon receptionist to handle all client appointments.
  3. Energetic individual with previous experience in the beauty industry seeks a Hairstylist position at Vogue, to consult with clients on stylistic options for their hair and listen to clients’ needs to determine their preferences. Also coming with a High School diploma, excellent interpersonal skills, good verbal communication aptitude, and a creative mindset with physical stamina.
  4. Passionate individual seeking a Hairstylist position with CG StudioDoylestown to provide high-quality salon services with a variety of skills, including haircutting and styling, coloring, and keratin. Also bringing a current and creative license to practice as a cosmetologist in Pennsylvania, as well as exceptional customer service and interpersonal communication skills.
  5. Safety conscious individual with the ability to provide exceptional guest service, understand the guest’s needs, provide quality consultations, and perform services requested in a competent, efficient, and professional way desires a Hairstylist position with NUOVO SALON GROUP. Also coming with a current cosmetology license, and the ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends.

More Resume Objective Examples for Hairstylist Position [6-10]

6. Individual with previous luxury spa experience interested in the position of a Hairstylist at Kiawah Island Real Estate seeks to utilize the ability to provide hair services to members and their guests, including color treatments, haircuts, highlights, etc. Also coming with good communication, customer service, and teamwork skills, as well as outgoing and friendly qualities.

7. Team-oriented individual eager to work at Substance Salon as a Hairstylist seeks to utilize the ability to cut, color, process, and style client’s hair according to specifications as well as cultivating relationships with clients to ensure regular visits. Also coming with a High School diploma, current NJ Cosmetology License, excellent communication, listening, and problem-solving skills, and passion for cutting and styling hair.

8. Passionate individual hopeful for a Hairstylist position with Truu Salon, to utilize the ability to execute Aveda’s points of difference and team focus attitude when performing duties. Also coming with excellent technical hair skills, excellent customer service skills, and goal-oriented skills.

9. Seeking a Hairstylist position with Drybar Holdings LLC where the ability to provide an over-the-top client experience will be applied. Also coming with a valid cosmetology license in the State of New York, strong communication skills, and amazing styling and finishing skills.

10. Extremely organized individual interested in securing a Hairstylist position with Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, brings years of experience providing guests with a world-class hair experience. Also coming with a current cosmetology license, passion for people, strong customer service, and the ability to show technical skillset in terms of layered cuts, clipper cuts, and basic color application.

More Resume Objective Examples for Hairstylist Position [11-15]

11. Talented individual seeking to work with Seminole as a Hairstylist to perform hairstyle consultation so as to decide what services the client desires. Also bringing a High School diploma, 5 years of experience in a full-service salon, and a valid cosmetology license issued by the state of Florida.

12. Passionate individual with 7 years of experience in a full-service salon and spa desires a Hairstylist position with Seminole Hard Rock Support Services to perform hairstyle consultation in order to decide what services the client desires. Also comes with a High School diploma, a valid cosmetology license by the state of Florida, and excellent interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills.

13. An individual with 5 years of hairstylist and hotel experience seeks a position at Montage International as a Hairstylist to analyze patrons’ hair and other physical features to determine and recommend beauty treatment for clients. Also bringing a High School diploma with customer service skills, as well as knowledge of principles and processes for meeting quality standards for services.

14. Seeking the job of a Hairstylist with SmartStyle Salons where previous experience as a hairstylist will be utilized. Also coming with a valid and current cosmetology license as well as the ability to work and multitask in a dynamic salon environment.

15. Experienced individual seeking a Hairstylist position with The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society to provide beauty services for all residents, patients, and tenants while maintaining all infection control and hairdressing standards. Also coming with a High School diploma, a valid license with the Board of Cosmetology, and the ability to restyle wigs as permitted.

More Resume Objective Examples for Hairstylist Position [16-20]

16. Certified individual with experience in both hair and make-up for commercial and fashion photography longs for a Hairstylist position with Hasana, Inc, to apply make-up and style hair to multiple models before and during photo shoots. Also coming with experience working with all hair and skin types and lighting, as well as experience applying make-up in a professional setting and experience working in a studio setting.

17. Talented individual seeking to work with The Club by DM as a Hairstylist with 6 years of hairstylist experience to style, cut, and color hairs as required. Also bringing a current cosmetology license for hairstylists, great communication skills, excellent time-management skills, and strong customer service skills.

18. A well-organized individual seeking to work with Highgate as a Hairstylist to perform a wide array of beauty services from cutting hair to performing scalp treatments. Also bringing a valid cosmetology license to practice in the state of Florida, excellent customer service experience, and hands-on experience with various coloring techniques.

19. To obtain a position with Prime Inc. as a Hairstylist to create and maintain the physical appearance of clients through new and unique hair designs. Also coming with knowledge of the latest trends, styles, and products with their descriptions, as well as prior experience and a hairstylist state license.

20. Highly skilled individual with 2 years of salon experience seeks a Hairstylist position with DREAMDRY to deliver efficient, consistent, and stylish blowouts & salon services. Also coming with a valid NY State Cosmetology License, as well as excellent client service skills and the desire to work in a fast-paced salon environment within a growing company.


To give your hairstylist resume a chance of being read by the recruiter/employer, you need to craft a compelling objective that shows that you have what it takes to succeed on the job.

This post has provided ideas and lots of resume objective examples for hairstylist positions.

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