Top 22 Housekeeper Resume Objective Examples

By | July 6, 2023
Housekeeper Resume Objective
The effectiveness of your housekeeper resume can be boosted with a strong objective statement.

Your housekeeper resume objective should highlight qualities like organizational skill, attention to detail, customer service, and ability to perform administrative duties, which are usually required by employers for the housekeeping position.

When writing a resume for the housekeeper job, having a captivating objective statement can go a long way in boosting its effectiveness.

Since housekeeping personnel usually have differing work duties that they carry out for different employers, to be effective, the objective needs to be written specifically for the position applied for.

You need to ensure that your objective is workable and targeted at the job description published by the hirer.

The objective statement should sum up your experience as well as highlight the main skills that you possess to succeed as a housekeeper.

Your honesty, trustworthiness and initiative are also added advantages you can emphasize in the statement.

Now, here are twenty-two objective examples for the housekeeper resume that can help you craft yours and be sure of getting the much needed employers’ attention:

Top 22 Housekeeper Resume Objective Examples

1. Hardworking and quick to act individual seeking a housekeeping position with The Guild Company; utilizing outstanding capabilities in cleaning, with thorough knowledge of chemicals and cleaning supplies, expertise in using modern equipment to give client satisfaction.

2. Talented, methodical housekeeping professional seeking a position as Housekeeper with Hilton Hotel. Offering exceptional cleaning and organizational skills to provide hotel guests with clutter-free, neat, luxurious, and inviting premise.

3. To obtain a housekeeping position where health administration certification, extensive skills, and experience cleaning and providing sanitation services can be utilized in The Ritz Hotel.

4. Looking for the position of housekeeper with Hurst Hospital; to utilize cleaning expertise to provide patients and staff with pinnacle of service maintaining clean and healthy atmosphere to strengthen facility’s operations.

5. Seeking advancement within ABC Company as a Housekeeper to continue to employ effective cleaning practices with prospective clients while maintaining professionalism.

6. Trust-worthy housekeeper with extensive experience, strong administrative and organizational skills with exceptional communication abilities, looking to fill the position of Housekeeper with XYZ Company.

7. Customer oriented professional desirous of opportunity to apply hard work ethic, friendly demeanor, excellent cleaning skills, and strong communicative abilities in a housekeeping position at A J Agency.

8. Self-motivated student looking for position of Housekeeper with excellent relational and organizational skills; seeking independent cleaning contract at XYZ Company.

9. To secure entry-level position of Housekeeper; coming with bachelor’s degree in hospitality management with the goal of obtaining a place with a hotel or resort in the Miami area.

10. Dedicated individual seeking a position as Housekeeper with Sherwood Hotel. Bringing several years expertise working as part of a hotel’ housekeeping team; developing necessary skills in maintaining hotel cleanliness; willing to work night shift.

More Housekeeper Resume Objective Examples [11-17]

11. Individual with an associate degree in hotel management, with experience as a housekeeper in the last decade looking for a full-time position as an executive housekeeping associate at Richmond Inn and Suites.

12. Energetic, hardworking housekeeper looking for a job, with opportunity to use knowledge of different environmentally friendly cleaning products and familiarity with modern cleaning equipment and toxic-free cleaning agents, with ABC Company.

13. Seeking a residential housekeeping job cleaning interior spaces, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen; creating an uncluttered, clean and sanitary living quarters.

14. Seeking a job as a Housekeeper; using experience as a homemaker for 25 years to create comfortable, clean, well-groomed, and orderly home; coming with strong working endowment.

15. Applying for the position of Housekeeper at Joyce Residence. Bringing experience performing light cleaning duties, including dusting, vacuuming, trash removing, bed making, and changing linen, in addition to the ability to work without supervision.

16. High school graduate seeking position as Housekeeper with XYZ Company; to build work experience, refine organizational and maintenance skills, and contribute positively to company growth.

17. Organized individual with 4 years professional experience in hotel maid service seeking to use strong organizational and maintenance skills, excellent communication, and general housekeeping skills in excelling as a Housekeeper with Xavier Company.

Additional Housekeeper Resume Objective Examples [18-22]

18. Looking for the job of a Housekeeper at St. Ives Hospital; possess detail-oriented mindset and strong discipline to maintain hospital cleanliness; knowledge of effective cleaning agents, and industry standard cleaning services.

19. Desirous of the Housekeeper post with XYZ Hotels; to achieve maximum efficiency in ensuring care and comfort of guests, ensuring a high standard of cleanliness, and keeping adequate inventory for the cleaning department.

20. Looking for a Housekeeper position with Hyatt. To utilize skills in cleaning and chemical usage, knowledge of equipment used for cleaning and maintenance to provide a neat and orderly environment.

21. To obtain the position of Housekeeper at Dock Cruises; coming with strong expertise providing excellent services, including: laundry and cleaning rooms, hallways and bathrooms, dusting and polishing furniture, waxing floors, and removal of debris from pool areas.

22. Applying for the post of Housekeeper at New Haven Health Facility; bringing exceptional ability to implement the rules and regulations for maintenance of hospital environment; offering excellent cleaning procedures that ensure a clean and safe environment for patients.


If you are looking to produce a knockout housekeeper resume, you should begin by having a great objective statement in your resume.

Whether you are writing a resume directly to a home owner or to an agency, having a well-crafted objective is critical.

Your objective needs to deliver at first glance to ensure the employer reads on and ultimately calls you up for an interview.

The above objective samples are sure to help you create great objective statements for your housekeeper resume and so improve the effectiveness of the resume to get you an interview.

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