Top 22 Business Development Manager Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Business Development Manager Resume Objective
Highlighting the value you are bringing to a company as a business development manager in your objective statement when making a resume will enhance the effectiveness of the resume.

To be effective, your business development manager resume objective statement should highlight the qualities, skills, expertise, and knowledge necessary to be effective performing the responsibilities of the position.

If your objective statement is compelling, a hiring manager after reading it will likely decide to go through the rest of the resume and respond to your application favorably.

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What Does a Business Development Manager Do?

The job of a business development manager puts you in charge of developing and implementing a revenue growth plan to increase profit for the business.

The basic responsibilities associated with this position include examining the company’s competition to develop strategies, as well as establishing relationships with the sales team or sales coordinator.

For employers to be sure that you will be effective in carrying out the responsibilities of the job, you will need to use the objection portion of your resume to highlight the qualifications you have acquired for the position.

Skills such as good negotiation and conflict resolution are some examples you can also include in your objective statement to make it strong.

Here are 22 examples of resume objectives for the post of business development manager that you can adopt in making your own:

Top 22 Business Development Manager Resume Objective Examples

1. Desirous of the position of Business Development Manager, ready to use skills in market research, forecasting and stakeholder management for benefit of Coors Financial Management Company.

2. Organized and result-driven professional looking for employment as Business Development Manager at ABC Company, seeking to implement extensive background in developing client proposals.

3. Seeking work as Business Development manager with Aston Company; to utilize negotiation and presentation skills; and document process flows for company profit rise and year-on-year growth.

4. To obtain a Business Development Manager position at XYZ Company in order to use Master’s Degree in Business Management, BSc. in Computer Science as well as other skills to implement market research and customer increase.

5. Business Development Manager with 10 years of experience to lead; to challenge and be challenged in a marketing development position, ready to use skills to analyze and improve marketing and salesmen operational performance.

6. Dexterous individual looking for work as Business Development Manager at Disco’s Enterprise, developing product markets and building effective sales teams, thereby increasing revenue.

7. Goal is to work as Business Development Manager in a company of repute, with challenging opportunities that contribute to the outstanding success of the organization, with ability to utilize skills and education.

8. To secure a position as Business Development Manager at Beverly & Co., bringing experience in public relations/marketing, administrative and interpersonal skills, and the ability to maintain productive and goal oriented environment.

9. Seeking a position as Business Development Manager that reflects experience, skills, and personal attributes, such as dedication, meeting goals, creativity, and ability to follow through.

More Business Development Manager Resume Objective Examples [10-16]

10. Team-player looking to expand Business Development Manager leadership responsibilities; coming with ability to help the organization exceed corporate goals and honor long-term commitments made to customer’s, stockholders, and employees.

11. Desirous of a mid-level position in Business Development where ability to deliver strong management skills, and enhance the business venture for the company’s expansion in reach and network.

12. Motivated individual looking for a position as Business Development Manager, possessing MBA with 6 years working experience, and having strong interpersonal skills for translating vision to reality.

13. Looking to secure the post of Business Development Manager, coming with ability to hold and bond old clients, retain their long-term high quality relationship; and also possessing a good command over geographical planning, and strategies to increase the reach of product.

14. Business Development Manager with ability to formulate marketing strategies in conjunction with marketing department, enabling extensive reach of the market through the channel partners.

15. To obtain the position of Business Development Manager; ready to develop negotiating strategies and integrate new venture with company strategy and operations; examine risks and potentials.

16. Seeking position of Business Development Manager at Kings World Company, bringing strong experience in developing and negotiating contracts and integrating contract requirements with business operations, thereby selling to customers’ needs and meeting sales goals.

Additional Examples [17-22]

17. Desirous of a Business Development Manager position with XYZ Company, with the ability to build market position by locating, developing, and defining contract potential; and discovering and exploring opportunities.

18. Result-oriented individual looking for the job of Business Development Manager with Unlimited L. A., bringing experience developing and maintaining good relationship with existing as well as new clients; with good communication and effective persuasion skills.

19. Business Development Manager with 5 years of experience, possessing skills to negotiate and suggest to local channel partners to promote and sell the company product in there market, creating brand loyalty and repeat sales.

20. Looking for Business Development Manager position with experience in setting up system tools for acquiring and generating leads, as well as setting up the reporting system to deal effectively with the sales team.

21. To secure Business Development Manager position with exposure to American, Asia pacific, East Asia, and European markets; coming with strong decision making skills, excellent communication and negotiation skills.

22. Seeking a position as Business Development Manager in a leading multinational organization looking to expand their global presence, contributing business value by developing and executing a strategic long-term vision; also possessing strong administrative and marketing skills.


Your resume objective statement should be clear on what your goals are, or else the screener might discard it immediately.

A thorough and carefully written objective should be interesting to read and should highlight relevant qualifications, qualities, and experience to excel on the job.

Deciding what to include in your objective should follow some research of the position and its job description to know what is important to the employment for which they need a business development manager to hire.

You are free to use the objective statement examples above in making one for your resume.

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