Top 22 ABA Therapist Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
ABA Therapist Resume Objective
Highlighting your qualifications, skills, and experience in your objective statement of your ABA therapist resume can increase its effectiveness.

To be effective, your ABA therapist resume objective statement should highlight your mastery of psychology, as this is essential for the job since you will possibly be dealing with autistic (especially children), people with substance abuse problems, high aggression levels, and other behavioral related problems on the job on daily basis.

When creating a resume for the ABA therapist job, your objective should focus on what makes you a unique candidate for the position; your chances of being considered for the position gets better if you can impress the employer with your personal objectives for the role, and show how much you desire to benefit them.

Also, having expertise in the art of counseling is a must for the applied behavior analysis therapist job, which you may also emphasize in your resume objective.

Other qualities you may also highlight in your objective statement that will make it effective include knowledge of sociology and anthropology, and experience in interpersonal communication.

Here are 22 sample ABA therapist objectives that you can study and adopt in creating your own for your resume:

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Top 22 ABA Therapist Resume Objective Examples

1. Dedicated and result-oriented counseling professional looking for a position as ABA Therapist with ABC Company, incorporating psychology and sociology in the treatment of patients; and coming with exceptional communication and active listening skills.

2. To secure the position of ABA Therapist, bringing experience providing families with support, guidance, and education in taking care of patients with drug addiction.

3. Hard working individual with two years of experience in counseling desirous of working with XYZ Company as ABA Therapist, putting excellent skills in communication, sociology, administration, and psychology into practice.

4. Seeking position as ABA Therapist with Aunt May’s Company, coming with a passion for improving well-being of client’s; comfortable working autonomously or in a team based setting, and experience applying solution-focused counseling.

5. Professional ABA Therapist seeking a position with You n I Company; bringing expertise developing comprehensive treatment plans with focus on accurate diagnosis; utilizing appropriate policies for identification of medical-related social and emotional needs.

6. ABA Therapist seeking to use 5 years of experience in Child Minders Company, offering acquired therapy and sociology expertise as core focus, and strong interpersonal communication and listening skills.

7. Looking for a position with Care Givers Company as an ABA Therapist where experience in interpersonal communication and qualifications in psychology, sociology, as well as anthropology background, will be effectively put to use.

8. To obtain a job as ABA Therapist at ABC Company, coming with experience providing developmental assessment and assisting with case management for children with autism, as well as validating intensive behavioral interventions.

9. Caring ABA Therapist dedicated to autism care, a responsive self-starter with strong communication skills, driven to help others overcome personal obstacles; ready to work without supervision, seeking the position of ABA Therapist at We Care Co.

More ABA Therapist Resume Objective Examples [10-16]

10. Desirous of position of ABA Therapist with XYZ Company, bringing experience developing comprehensive treatment plan, extensive DSM-IV knowledge, and Medicaid familiarity.

11. ABA Therapist looking to work at Temple Hall Company; possess therapeutic expertise, dual diagnosis proficiency, clinical documentation mastery, and superior communication skills.

12. Seasoned ABA Therapist desires work at ABC Company, with experience teaching anger management techniques, relaxation skills, impulse control skills, emotional coping skills, and functional living skills.

13. Looking for a position of ABA Therapist at Julies Autism Children Center, implementing weekly behavioral and learning programs; implementing ABA techniques to increase language and communication among autistic children.

14. ABA Therapist desirous of working with the team at XYZ Home, to apply appropriate learning, cooperating, and daily living skills; with the ability to track individual’s progress with graphs and daily data collection.

15. Motivated individual seeking work as ABA Therapist with XYZ Company, ready to employ ABA procedures and concepts; help design programs for students, and to develop data sheets with constant communication with parents regarding progress of their children.

16. Early intervention/aba Therapist desirous of position at Beginner School, with experience working with children in home and community based setting from age Zero to three; implementing specially designed instructions to meet the needs of the child.

Additional Examples [17-22]

17. To work as an ABA Therapist with Child Strategy Company, bringing experience in providing in-home respite care to children with developmental disabilities; and collaborate with the team to develop new goals to increase child independence.

18. Discreet individual desirous of a position as ABA Therapist that encourages interpersonal communication and personal values; possessing psychology, sociology, and anthropology qualifications.

19. Seeking a position as ABA Therapist in ABC Company, ready to work with school staff, teachers, and other professionals to ensure the achievement of personal goals of children with autism.

20. ABA Therapist looking to work with parents in providing home therapy sessions for children with autism by teaching, modeling, and coaching applied ABA techniques in order to improve language and communication skills.

21. Company with experience working with classroom teachers regarding ABA instructing and reinforcing systems, and following specific behavioral and habitual procedures, such as toileting and feeding.

22. ABA Therapist desirous of working at Mind Builders School, teaching high- needs individuals between ages four and nine; and closely supervising students during special inclusive events.


The job of ABA therapist is a highly skilled position requiring knowledge, experience, and hands-on training.

Your resume objective is what will make the difference whether it is worth the effort to read on.

Your objective statement should highlight your qualifications, skills, and experience, and should be captivating enough to get the reader’s attention on your resume.

Ensure your desire for the job is clear, and using the examples above, you can write a compelling objective for your ABA therapist resume.

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