Top 20 OJT Resume Objective Examples you can use

By | August 11, 2023
OJT Resume Objective
A great objective statement in your resume for OJT position will significantly improve its quality.

If you are preparing a resume or CV for an OJT (on the job training) position with an organization, then you must ensure your objective statement is strong and concise.

Having a career objective statement that presents value to the recruiter in your resume will help make your application for the OJT position more attractive to the recruiter to want to discuss with you at an interview.

This post will show you how to make a highly compelling OJT resume objective statement that makes your resume irresistible to employers.

How to Make a Great Resume Objective for an OJT Position

A smart career objective does not only get the employer’s attention, but also promise them you will be valuable on the job as you take training, which is necessary in winning them over right from the first statement in the document.

The secret of writing a compelling resume objective statement for an on the job training position is to learn what the employer considers important as regards the job.

What are the major skills, education, expertise, qualities, experience, knowledge, etc. that the employer expects from the ideal person for the role in their organization?

This information is available in the description and requirements of the job published on the advert.

Having this background knowledge will help you to write those qualities, skills, experience, etc. that you have and are relevant to the OJT position in the objective statement of your resume to show that you are perfectly suited for the OJT role.

To make it clearer on how to make a great objective statement for an OJT position for your resume, you will need to study good objective examples, see below:

Best 20 OJT Resume Objective Examples you can apply right away

  1. Fast learner with good familiarity of marketing principles and procedures. Hoping for an On the Job Training position with Greg’s Place to help the company reach its goals while gaining valuable experience for career progress.
  2. Proactive candidate with strong multitasking and polished interpersonal skills. Seeking to join a customer-friendly organization as an OJT intern; coming with outstanding customer service skills to provide quality marketing support.
  3. In search of an entry-level OJT position with Barry Inc.; bringing exceptional dedication to the company’s mission while learning on the job.
  4. Aspiring for an OJT position with Fireman Technologies to employ passion for developing software and applications with multiple uses for different projects, which should be mutually beneficial.
  5. Go-getter with impressive analytical abilities looking to fill an On the Job Training position at WittMan Group where strong capacity will be fully developed and applied while working for the company faithfully.
  6. Desire an OJT role with Murdoch Consulting, to support the IT department with technical and digital marketing expertise for efficient running of the company.
  7. Accounting student with some experience in handling the books of a business would like an OJT position with GEEK Corp to employ passion for helping business owners (and stakeholders) make sense of the numbers that matter in their business while gaining more experience.
  8. To obtain an OJT post in a progressive environment, to contribute remarkable multitasking ability in maintaining workflow and picking up some field experience on the long-run.
  9. To bring best services as an OJT employee at Bryte Corp.; coming with solid knowledge of multiple computer applications useful for database management for the organization.
  10. Result oriented individual currently seeking an OJT position at Logan Corp.; looking to take on challenges while learning and expanding skillset.
  11. To obtain an engaging position with DuckDuckGo as an On the Job Training employee for the purpose of assisting engineers achieve set goals while acquiring extensive experience in a technology company.
  12. Searching for an OJT position at Kicks n Wear Co. Bringing the ability to learn fast and attend to duties with enthusiasm.
  13. Seeking part-time OJT position in a forward thinking organization where impressive IT skills can be maximized for the growth of the company.
  14. Goal-oriented candidate with admirable analytical abilities. Seeking an OJT position at XYZ Engineering Services to contribute excellent clear thinking and ability to create content and prepare different types of documents.
  15. Committed student looking to gain an On the Job Training role at Biket Inc. to exploit strong abilities and skills in ensuring productivity. Also possess the ability to come up with new and useful ideas that a company can benefit from.
  16. Seeking an OJT position with Nesth Industries where exceptional persuasive skills useful in advertising and distributing products for the benefit of the company will be utilized.
  17. Tech-savvy individual with adeptness in creating web design and web applications seeking to gain a role as an OJT employee to provide quality assistance to the company’s media department.
  18. Talented and self-motivated individual with the ability to create and run a blog, as well as grow a social media following seeks the job of an OJT personnel at Tosh Company to add value and gain experience.
  19. Task-oriented individual currently looking to secure an On the Job Training position with Rogan Securities that will utilize uncommon multitasking abilities.
  20. Desire to gain an OJT position at Nuptia Co. Coming with remarkable ability to work and learn at the same time, all the while expanding job skillset.


Looking for an on the job training position is still as competitive as getting a full job in most organizations, this means you are competing with other applicants for the same role.

A persuasive resume or CV will give you an edge over other candidates, which you can make by ensuring a powerful objective statement.

This post provides some of the best OJT resume objective samples you can apply as a template in making an effective career objective statement for your resume whenever you find an on the job training position you want to apply for.

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