20 Best Resume Introduction Examples you can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Resume Introduction
If you are applying for employment, you need to make your resume introduction highly compelling to increase its chances of being read.

This article shows you how to write an outstanding resume introduction, including providing great examples to enable you make one for your resume/CV and increase its chances of being read by the recruiter/employer.

The first section of your resume is the introduction. It is a short summary of your competence, knowledge, skills, and expertise that makes you a qualified candidate for the Job that you are applying for.

But the way you introduce your resume or CV goes a long way in determining whether it will be read or advanced to the next step of the hiring process or not.

So, it is important that you write a very good introductory statement for your resume to get the attention of the recruiter to read the whole of the document.

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How to Make a Good Resume Introduction for any Position

To craft an outstanding resume introductory statement, you must present the right kind of information that the recruiter wants in a captivating manner using few lines.

The appropriate content for your resume introduction is published in the job description for the position.

Hence, before writing the introduction, you should study the job description to understand the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are essential for success on the role that you are seeking.

It implies that your resume introduction is position specific and you should write a different one for every position you are applying for.

Highlight the key words and phrases in the job description and proceed to apply them in three to four sentences to form your resume introduction.

When writing the introduction and the body of the resume or CV, it is vital that you highlight the key words as stated because your resume may be reviewed by ATS software, especially for online applications.

Writing your resume introduction following this approach guarantees that you will progress to the next stage of the hiring process, and affords you an opportunity for interview.

To aid your learning of how to make effective introductory statements for your resume, we have provided good examples:

Top 20 Resume Introduction Examples you can apply

  1. A+ certified effective communicator and team player with 3 years of technical support experience and Associate degree. Seeking a Technical Support Specialist position in M3. Coming with advanced knowledge of Windows OS, thorough documentation, and customer service skills to provide IT software, hardware, and network support for all M3 employees.
  2. Seasoned Java developer with 10 years of experience working with Agile and designing of software solutions. Offering strong Java skills and working experience with SQL (MySQL or PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB or Cassandra), Cloud Infrastructure, JPA and ORM frameworks.
  3. Team player with strong oral and written communication skills and an analytical and problem solving aptitude. Seeking a Transportation specialist position in ABC to coordinate logistics and ensure proper priority to urgencies. Coming with sound judgment, expertise in transportation and international Logistics, and Bachelor’s degree.
  4. Highly motivated individual with proven leadership skills and 5 years of retail sales management experience, looking for the position of Apple Manager. Bringing exceptional coaching and interpersonal skills to inspire, and technical and business skills to provide superior customer service.
  5. Experienced tractor-trailer driver with clean driving record and valid Class A CDL License, seeking the position of a Fedex Truck Driver. Coming with Current DOT Medical Card and willingness to work a flexible schedule.
  6. Professional Communicator with excellent English writing, speaking, and reading skills, Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, and 10 years of corporate communications experience in the software industry with a global company. Interested in the position of Communications Director at Sage, to set out and oversee the strategy for internal and external communications.

More Resume Introduction Examples [7-13]

  1. Service-oriented individual with superb customer service and communication skills, interested in a Store Employee position at 7-Seven Inc. Bringing 2 years of retail sales experience, familiarity with cash register, and courteous attitude to drive sales.
  2. Graduate student with Bachelor’s in Animal Science interested in the vacant Cattle Field Sales Intern position at MFarm Inc., to utilize 3 years of sales experience, excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills, to foster sales in the farm.
  3. Excellent communicator with passion for education, and ability to instruct in a “hands-off” manner. Interested in the US Creative position at Apple Store. Offering excellent coaching and presentation skills and the ability to teach in groups.
  4. Highly numerate individual with strong financial and analytical skills and Bachelor’s degree in Finance, seeking the position of Associate Finance in Goldman Sachs. Bringing proficient knowledge of financial analysis and modeling, and 3 years of experience to aid sound financial decision-making.
  5. Problem solver with strong analytical skills and AS degree, seeking the position of Accounting Associate at PwC. Offering broad knowledge of accounting and proficient skills in utilizing tax and accounting software.
  6. Seeking an Events Manager position in Trace3 to utilize 5 years of experience creating a series of events and trade shows. Coming with a creative mind and highly developed managerial and organizational skills honed from practice to promote brand image of clients.
  7. Detail-oriented certified digital marketer with content writing skills and solid online marketing background. Seeking a Digital Marketer position with TBC, to leverage marketing knowledge and 4 years of experience in fostering sales for TBC.

More Resume Introduction Examples [14-20]

  1. Technically inclined individual with good communication, math, and computer skills. Seeking a Freight Operations position in TBC Everything where 3 years of experience will be utilized. Coming with High School Diploma and the ability to operate forklifts.
  2. Micro Biologist with exceptional communication and presentation skills, seeking a Medical Sales Representative position at Orbit Medicals where 2 years of medical sales experience will be applied. Coming with high energy, knowledge of medical terminology, and Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Passionate individual looking to make a difference in young children, seeking the position of a Teacher to help develop, execute, and evaluate educational plans for Tuoro Schools. Coming with Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and 3 years of high school teaching experience.
  4. Energetic driver with valid class A Certified Driver’s License and track record of zero accidents in the last 2 years, seeking a Dump Truck Driver position at ABC, to leverage huge expertise and knowledge of local routes in providing prompt service.
  5. Seasoned caterer with 5+ years of experience in the food service sector, seeking a Catering Manager position with Rose Restaurant. Bringing solid customer service approach, culinary expertise, and interpersonal skills, and strong entrepreneurial mindset.
  6. Computer Scientist with proven technical, organizational, and communication skills. Interested in a Network Engineering position in TCB, to utilize 5 years of experience in systems management and configuration.
  7. Manually inclined individual with 2 years of janitorial experience and good communication skills, seeking a Residential Helper position with Trace3 Inc. to assist with collection of waste and recyclable materials. Coming with High School Diploma and exceptional ability to work in outdoor weather.


You can project your worth to the hiring manager and increase the chances of your resume been read, and secure an interview appointment with the recruiter by having a compelling introductory statement in your resume.

This post provides useful guide and examples to follow in making highly effective resume introductions.

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