10 Best Cosmetologist Resume Objectives You Can Apply

By | September 3, 2023
Cosmetologist Resume Objectives
You can start your cosmetologist resume on a winning note by creating a compelling objective.

When you are writing a cosmetologist resume or CV, the objective statement is a part of it to pay attention to.

The objective section is the first part of the resume that the employer reads and so needs to be really punchy to get their attention and achieve the purpose of getting you the desired interview.

The employer wants to see what makes you the best person for the job; your cosmetologist career objective statement provides you the opportunity to score a high point on that.

How to Write a Great Objective Statement for a Cosmetologist Resume

One thing about a great objective is that it must have something of value for the recruiter. It must be able to show that you have the required qualities, skills, experience, etc. to excel as a cosmetologist at the hiring company.

To effectively write such resume objective, you need to learn about the job requirements and expectations, which you will find in the job description published by the employer.

When you know what the employer expects of the cosmetologist they want to hire, you will then be able to craft an objective that shows you have what is required to do the job successfully.

You can highlight one or two of the major qualities, skills, experience, etc. that match the requirements for the job in your resume objective.

Take a look at the examples below.

10 Best Objectives for Cosmetologist Resume

1. Highly personable, friendly, and positive licensed Esthetician with the willingness to learn new techniques desires the position of Esthetician Wax Specialist at XYZ Wax Center. Coming with exceptional ability to work in a fast-paced, fun-filled environment, as well as work flexible hours and days, ensuring that guests always get the best treatment.

2. To obtain the job of Cosmetologist at XYZ Mainland Company to contribute in delivering various top quality pedicure and manicure treatment; waxing services, hair washing, and barbering services. Bringing exceptional customer service skills, ability to greet guests in a warm, sincere, and hospitable manner and to ensure guests have a pleasurable and most memorable experience.

3. To work as a Cancer Resource Cosmetologist at XYZ Center where excellent customer service skills and experience will be applied in providing quality assistance to patients in dealing with and reducing the side effects associated with cancer treatment and surgery.

4. Licensed and highly motivated Cosmetologist with one year work experience seeks to join the team at XYZ Resort. Coming with exceptional ability to utilize cutting, shampooing, setting, razor cutting, round brush blow dry, color, and perms techniques in effectively performing current, age appropriate, and fashionable hair styles.

5. A warm, enthusiastic professional with the State of Nevada Cosmetologist license seeks to work at XYZ Hotel in the position of Cosmetologist, where excellent interpersonal skills and two years working experience at a high end salon will be utilized in providing top class and personalized service to each customer.

6. Seeks employment at XYZ Resort as a Cosmetologist to provide exceptional waxing, pedicures, manicures, and all hair services, such as color, cutting, and styling. Bringing two years professional experience working in a spa, Beauty Certification, and excellent guest service and communication, and time management skills.

7. A State licensed Cosmetologist desires the role to provide top-notch professional cosmetic and facial treatments to clients for therapeutic and hygienic purposes at XYZ Salon. A gifted professional, highly customer focused and capable of working flexible schedule, including weekends, holidays, and evenings, in addition to being able to stand for long hours working.

8. A talented cosmetology graduate with passion for beauty and wellness desires to work at XYZ Resorts in the role of a Casual Cosmetologist to help clients look their very best. Coming with great competence in assessing face dryness or moisture and administering the right facial treatment; applying makeup, recommending effective products for skin care, and providing excellent nail treatments.

9. A responsible, energetic, and result-driven licensed Esthetician seeks to advance his/her career with XYZ Wax Center. Coming with exceptional ability to carry out all body and facial waxing services, as well as with huge sales experience; to providing top quality waxing services to clients and educating them on the best service choice they can make.

10. Looking to join the team at XYZ Spa as a Cosmetologist-Stylist where proficiency in all areas of spa/stylist/cosmetology, as well as deep knowledge of skin and hair will be applied in effectively administering professional hair styling, restorative treatment, and application of cosmetics and skin treatments.


Writing a compelling objective statement for your cosmetologist resume or CV can increase the chances of having the employer read your resume.

Your resume objective should show that you have what the recruiter is looking for in the cosmetologist that they want to hire by highlighting major requirements of the position that you have.

You can apply the sample objectives provided in this post to improve on your ability to create strong objective statements whenever you need to make a resume for a cosmetology job.

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